Climate believed to be from the warm ocean

Climate change has caused Arctic ice-caps to melt which has been uprooting the polar bear’s habitats. This will eventually cause the Arctic polar bears to be extinct and the effects are visible now as the number of offspring produced is continuously decreasing. They appear abnormal as they are not spending efficient time on ice due its melting. It has been affecting the human life as it has already created bizarre weather patterns all around the world and triggered many natural disasters.

(citation) Question: This article was written 10 years ago, how has the situation of melting ice-caps changed since then, has it gotten better or worse? The ice-caps have thinned out around the world. The sudden increase in the ice discharge from the arctic is believed to be from the warm ocean waters due to global warming. Global warming is caused as the greenhouses gases are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, which are heating up the planet. The water is absorbing the heat from the sun which causes the ice to melt at a faster rate. This has caused a lot of the environmental conditions to change in Artic and Antarctica. The sea levels have risen throughout the world.  The melting of the ice has also affect the fresh water availability as that is a major resource to get fresh water and as they continue to melt, that is slowly limited the supply of fresh water (Hock R.

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, 2014). The ice caps are melting rapidly, which can eventually lead to there being no ice in the summer in the arctic in the years that are to come (Perovich D., 2014).

As ice continues to melt, the ocean is more exposed to the sun, allowing a greater surface are for the water evaporate.  The evaporation is also contributing to the loss of fresh water supply.  The articles further enhance the idea that melting of ice caps is slowly deteriorating human and animal life.

The destruction is now happening at an alarming rate. Polar bears will slowly continue to head towards extinction as the planet continues to get warmer and melt the ice which is home to the polar bears. The ice is the polar bears hunting ground as that is breaking of and melting, the have to swim more to get to the ice but since the ice is also breaking off and melting they are also drowning and some aren’t even able to find food.

Polar bears are at the top of the food chain as their population will decrease this will disrupt the marine food chain and cause some species that aren’t well exposed to grow abundantly. This also affects human life as more and more ice continues to melt it will cause the sea levels to rise which can cause flooding in the north Atlantic with fresh water disrupting the regular streams that allows summer to happen in the northern areas.  The melting ice caps affects not just the life that exists around it, it transcends to lives around the world. The melting caps can uproot the lives of people living up north and around the world, as it creates unusual weather patterns that’s detrimental to human life as it will affect the food and water source, shelter and affect the marine life immensely as the food chain will be broken as the caps will lead many species such as the polar bears to extinction. 


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