Classroom focus on their lessons throughout the period,

Classroom management is an
important component of a student’s educational experience, and it impacts a teacher’s
professional satisfaction. A conducive classroom environment, however, is not
always the norm. Teachers, often times complain about students who did not
submit their home assignment and projects, talking and chatting with friends
during class and disrespecting classmates and teachers.

       To achieve a better or best solution to attain
educational goals, teachers should set classroom management strategies coupled
with attainable programs. Teachers should devise an attractive daily lesson plans
based on the approved curricular offering, devise action plans to ensure that
students will stay focus on their lessons throughout the period, ensure active
class participation in every aspect of the learning process and see to it that
each student does not lose interest on their daily routine activities.

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       Teachers have been found to be the most
important factor influencing students’ performance and the front liners in
teaching and learning process .This study will focus on the classroom
management of science teachers which may influence students’ performance in classroom
situations, including classroom design/ environment, students and teachers
relationships, strategies of classroom management, classroom aids and equipment,
management of students. This study was designed to determine the factors and
apply a descriptive survey method to identify the effect of classroom
management of science teachers on students’ performance of selected public and
private schools in Quezon City.

an effective plan for classroom management has to begin on the onset of the
school year, but it doesn’t end there. All throughout the school year ,developing
a relationship of trust must be consistent and the best learning theories must
be followed and taught. Students’ time should be honored. Teacher should also
be responsive to student behaviors and needs which should be reflected in
lesson plans, and they should hold   true to high and rigorous standards of
learning behavior. Teachers must create a flexible and adjust to tangles that
can derail even the best management plans.

       Obtaining good classroom management is
crucial in promoting a successful teaching and learning environment. I strongly
believe that knowing all the students in the class; their background, learning
preferences and needs, and interests are vital in promoting a positive and
successful classroom environment. There should  be a two-way road with proper communication, undying
trust, and respect between the students and teacher. When there is respect and
communication between the students and teacher, it is clear in classroom
management. The teacher wants to help the students learn by being prepared and
will motivated , conducting lessons that interest the students, as well as
constantly learning  more about students.
In return, students are engaged in the lessons and are excited about the topic
and want to complete activities in the correct manner. Without these
characteristics in the classroom it can be difficult to promote a functioning
and successful learning environment.  


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