China have acknowledged that their modern economy needs

                          China has an absolute advantage in the
mining sector as they have an abundant supply of minerals that can be mined at
a lower cost than any other country, these minerals including: coal, iron, tin, copper, lead, zinc
mercury, graphite, fluorspar, and oil which provide the necessary raw materials
needed in the construction of infrastructure projects throughout China.
Infrastructure development is one of the top priorities of the Chinese
government. They have acknowledged that their modern economy needs to have a
reliable form of transportation such as roads and rail, electricity, improved
buildings and telecommunication.  By
2020, China has sets goals to make 70 new airports, 43,000 km of new
expressways, and major expansions of port facilities. In total, these
infrastructure projects will cost $16 trillion which is about 6.4% of China’s

                 In order to
develop China’s infrastructure, China will need easy access to raw materials
and skilled, experienced engineers to construct these projects. China currently
has an abundance of these raw materials however they lack the needed expertise
to construct these projects. China needs companies who have the expertise in
building and improving infrastructure. Canadian companies such as: Hatch and
SNC Lavalin can take advantage of this opportunity. Hatch, a global engineering
and consultancy company, currently operates in China and has completed the
following projects: Dehydration Area & Core Technology Delivery Projects,
90 MW Calcium Carbide Furnaces, Anling 1700 mm Coilbox™, Carbon Monoxide Gas Handling
Systems for Calcium Carbide Furnaces and Galaxy Jiangsu Lithium Carbonate
Plant. SNC Lavalin, a Montreal-based engineering and construction company has
completed a project in China: Advanced Fuel CANDU Reactor. Canadian companies
have many opportunities to form joint ventures with Chinese engineering and
construction companies therefore they should take advantage of the many
infrastructure projects being planned in China.

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