Chennaiites overwhelming evidence of his multiple talents. Kenny

Chennaiites grabbed the venue one by one to jab fun at the world — andthemselves — presenting a heckling, cackling spectators to an art form broadlymysterious in the contemporary yet conformist kingdom: stand-up comedy.Chortles and shrieks ran through the crowd when Kenny Sebastian stepped to theplatform.

Kenneth Sebastian popularly known as Kenny, a man of numerous flairs,from music, theatre to stand-up comedy captured the hearts of the people inChennai during his last visit. His droll takes on social customs have charmedthe crowds. A graduate from an arts school, he established a liking towardsfilmmaking at a young age and then shifted to music and comedy.Kenneth Sebastian has tried his hand at quite a lot of things he isfervent about. Kenny developed his skills in all the fields he was interestedin and moulded what he liked the most, stand-up comedy. A glance on his YouTubechannel will definitely make you his huge fan. His simply relatable jokes cannarrate his amazing journey. “Comedy sensed the most ordinary and mostsatisfying, I never thought that I could make a living out of this and beindependent,” said Kenny.

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Having accomplished over 500 shows within five years, having releasedIndia’s first sci-fi comedy web series, taking credits for the whole show’Comedy Central’, Kenneth has set his foot to bring a new face to IndianComedy. Over much of the past decade, comedians have profited from an audiencelooking for laughs to make nous of a progressively multifaceted world. “Today,there are comedians all over the world in different languages, but to hook theaudience with wit and at the same time, throwing light to socially relevantscenarios is difficult,” said Kenny. From a defence upbringing, Kenny spent hisyoung age mostly in shifting cities until his family settled down in Bengaluru.His comedic orientations turn the tritest of everyday events into the funniest.”Comedians need to keep pace with the changes happening around and thediffering audience tastes,” said the young comedian.  And, he’s accompanied with a guitar whichmakes for an overwhelming evidence of his multiple talents. Kenny Sebastian isone of the leading comedians that India owns today.

“The adrenaline rush thathappens to me when I see my audience makes me perform well on the stage,” saidKenny.Asked about his recent performance in Chennai Kenny said “Chennai isalways exciting to me since I am a South Indian myself. “Chennai has a thrivingcomedy scene and could sell 1200 tickets within a day when compared to othersouthern states.

The people here possess so many energetic vibes that motivatecomedians like me to come up with wits that never existed in the rehearsals”. Today, there is an increasednumber of young comedians taking the plummet. The vivid reality shows forcomedy like ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, ‘The Kapil Show’, ‘ComedySuperstar’ etc. paved a way for the new comedians rise. Kenny’s take on thesereality shows was that “The rise of these reality shows also helped in mouldingthe genre of comedy”.

Every field has its own ups and downs, so does the fieldof comedy. One of the major glitches that the comedians face is ‘repetition’.Repeated comedies are of no value today.

With the increasing number ofcomedians in India, the same funny incidents which got a number of applaudsonce is often repeated at different venues. “It’s quite miserable to see how nonchalantlypeople in India think copying content is okay. The career progress will not gomuch for them” said Kenny. “There are so many other issues that go into being acomedian in India. “In India, going live becomes a nightmare if you don’t havethe right support.

Support from the audience is something that marks thesuccess and fame, fame only if you are looking for it. Another major challengeis censorship regarding the content” added Kenny. When asked about a message to the upcoming comedians, Kenny giggled andsaid “I’m not mature enough to give any advice or message but all I can say isIf you know how to trick, treat and tickle others funny bones, then dig in ,because the audience will just love you”


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