Chapter Setting : Berlin, Germany/ Saint-Malo, France /

Chapter 6

Protagonist/s: Marie-Laure LeBlanc/ Werner Pfennig

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Antagonist/s: Germans

Time: 8th August 1944


Marie-Laure recognizes the sound of the limp
of the stranger. She met Von Rumpel when he follows her to the grotto. She
hides in the hidden attic. Von Rumpel does not see the secret door, where
Marie-Laure is hiding.

Werner is still stuck beneath the rubble
of the Hotel of Bees. Bernd the engineer dies. Werner finally fixes the radio,
but he is only able to hear statics. He scans for frequencies that are


Theme: Firstly, there is a theme of regret and
betrayal. Before Bernd dies he tells a story of how he abandoned his father on
his last visit. This reminds Werner about how he felt as if he had betrayed his
sister Jutta, by shutting her out of his life, and rarely even writing to her.

This is a very moving part of the story. It is very dark. The readers relate to
the characters easily.

This chapter is also very ironic. Both
Werner and Marie-Laure are trapped with radios. The radios simultaneously give
a sense of isolation and connection.


Chapter 7

Protagonist/s: Marie-Laure LeBlanc/ Werner Pfennig

Antagonist/s: Germans

Setting :  Berlin, Germany/ Saint-Malo, France / Vienne,

Time: August 1942


The corporal of Werner’s new
unit, nicknamed “Neumann Two” takes Werner to Russia. He sees a truck full of
dead corpse. After arriving, he learns that Volkheimer is a part of his new
unit. They travel in a truck named the Opel attempting to find forbidden radio
broadcasts, so they can kill rebels. Werner becomes ill. The unit goes to
Vienna, they kill a young girl and her mother because they mistook the
clotheslines as radio antennas.

Inspired by Madame Manec, Etienne cuts a
false door in the back of the floor wardrobe so he could access his radio
transmitter in the attic. Etienne and Marie-Laure put Madame Manec’s
plan into action: Marie-Laure buys loaf that has a slip of paper with a series
of numbers on it, then Etienne reads it into his transmitter. They repeats
this, Etienne even riskily broadcasts music occasionally. They begin to
broadcast messages from people in the community trying to reach other another.

Von Rumpel finds the second and third
replica of the Sea of Flames. He goes to Marie-Laure’s house in Paris, and
finds the house model, but finds out it is hallow and crushes it. French
resistance fighters blew up a bridge using the information given by Etienne’s
radio broadcasts. The German commander requests Werner’s unit to locate and
destroy the rebels in Saint-Malo.



This chapter is still in trials.

Anthony Doerr uses this chapter to
highlight the theme of death. Death impacts Marie-Laure and Werner differently.

On Marie-Laure side, the author shows how meaningful death can be. Madame
Manec’s death inspired Etienne. It shows how much death can change a person.

While Werner passes a truck stacked with dead corpses, showing just how
inhumane war makes people. They are all stacked on top of each other, as if
each dead soldier was just like garbage. Furthermore, Werner kills innocent
people because of his mistake. He is troubled deeply; he finds his own
perspective towards all of life tainted by the ways he has hurt other. Readers
feel horrified in this chapter; the author purposely described this chapter
more graphically to make them feel uncomfortable and realize how senseless the
killing of the war is. 


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