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CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY3.1 Research DesignA research aim is an approach to the reading, this study offers an justification of the research design, information and details about the model, the variables were be tested, selected capacity instruments, means of data gathering, and data analysis. Besides, it also concludes and ends with a short summary of the research questions and analysis that were actually helped and used to answer them. Collecting and recording of the facts, which is, obtain from the literature review, dealing out and analyzing of data and journal of outcome and result. The actual reason of this research is to examine the relationship between the odd artists and the attention they receive from audience as the artwork performed by them is outstanding and make this study about it. In expression of the study setting, we were doing field study. A cross-sectional design is more suitable for this research because the research does answer questions from the given studies of population fundamentals only once.3.2 Source of DataBasis of data for this research paper was using by both of primary data and secondary data. And each will be explained as the following:3.2.1 Primary DataPrimary data are a data that made by a researcher for a particular motivation behind tending to the current issue. In this examination, Interview is a device that used to gather data and specify all data. Essential data is data that first acquires by the specialist on the variable of enthusiasm for the particular reason for the study. To get data, an arrangement of the interview which took place in Effat University By having ten random students were selected from Visual and Digital Production Department as a guests.3.2.2 Secondary DataSecondary data will be the information that were assembled and recorded by other people who contemplated around the same subject and for a reason other than the current needs of the researcher are called as secondary data. Secondary data were utilized as a part of this examination to assemble more data in this exploration subject in light of other analyst view. Secondary data here is indicated to primary data that was gathered by another person or for a reason other than current one. Diaries from Emerald, Scopus, Science Direct and Google scholar, daily paper, and government report and measurements are a decent sample that utilized for this study. The secondary data is to get more data that could bolster the primary data, reinforce the data and likewise help the specialist to decipher the primary data right3.3 Sampling TechniqueThe sampling technique was used in this study is suitable sampling. In this research, the interviewer interviewed madly in love about art, and well acknowledged about different arts. The sampling method has at least bias and help to attain huge knowledge about arts to ease the explanation about the relation between odd artist and the audiences’ attention.3.4 Data Collection ToolsUsually the data collection will be either by distributing some questionnaire or doing some interviews around, and in this research interview is the tool that was used in this study. Interview is an organization technique for data collection consisting of a sequence of some questions asked to the welcomed guest. The interview were organized to hear different opinion from different interviewees responded to the same questions. Ten people were selected for this interview of different level of education. The interview was divided into two sections to demonstrate the view of two sides, explaining why skillful unique artist are famous, and why people prefer weird art.3.5 Data Collection MethodThe way sample is described such as a section or a division of the research population elected to contribute in a study. population as the entirety of all subjects that match to a set of qualifications, comprising the whole group of people that is to the researcher and to whom the research results can be generalized, the research shows that the procedure of sampling involves any actions using a small number of substances or parts of the total population to make good outcome in related to the whole population. The interview held in university’s class which welcomed 10 guests from Visual and Digital Production Department from Effat University. According to studies, between 10 and 20 number of guests are perfect for the testing resolves. In this study, data were collected among students and professors of different level of education in Effat University. The interview were distributed to different students and professors in same department and same major but different levels in studying and education. Factors such as time and accessibility were the major consideration in this study. In this study, the students were so helpful and all of them managed to make few minutes for answering the interview and also I managed not to interrupt classes, as I tried to visit them in different days to fit their time and not to disturb them. And it was successfully accomplished. 3.5.1 Interview MechanismThe interview will be in English language with some questions about weird art and unique artist. The interviewees were randomly sampled with nine students and one lecturer to achieve a good outcome. The questions were asked the same to each of the interviewees, the interviewer records each interview to ease the gathering of the data by rewinding these records. Recording the interviews make it easy for us and get a very accurate outcome.


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