Chapter by this phenomenon, but due to this

Chapter I


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Now a days we are
facing a potential condition in climate such as rain, flood, typhoon and etc.
If we can hear news that there is a rain coming, we often think that it is a
new problem. It maybe can cause flood of we are worried because we have holes
in our roof.

In order to solve this
problem, The researchers will investigate about the wasted polystyrene as a
substitute for sealant. Researcher came up with this problem because as they
observe in some houses, many have holes in the roof. The researcher are sure
that many people will benefit this study whether they are rich or poor, the
main reason why we choose this study because it is affordable. Instead of
buying a sealant, you can just recycle some of the wasted polystyrene and make
it a sealant.


Weather changes
constantly now a days, and our houses are one of the provides for our safety
against any harm being brought by this phenomenon, but due to this weather
condition our houses are also the victim of the events that is caused by this
condition, one of the most affected on our houses was the roof because it
receives most of weather’s impact such as rains, heat from the sunlight,
humidity and etc. that either cause the roof to be more fragile and rusted or
create rainwater to drip down more the houses.

The researchers ascertained
that using Styrofoam  as an alternative
roof sealant will provide the same reliable effects as any branded roof
sealant; with much cheaper and can create unlimited supply and the user also
because Styrofoam were frequently used yearly this project helps to reduce the
number of Styrofoam being thrown elsewhere, which cause certain calamities that
may ruin most of the place’s properties.



-Can Styrofoam become /
transformed into sealant?

-Can Styrofoam,
combined with gasoline, to form a reliable sealant?

-Is the polystyrene
effective as a roof sealant?



In this study, we want
to prove that a wasted polystyrene can be also a good substitute to sealant and
this project is much cheaper that we can afford.


This study is only limited on using a Styrofoam because Styrofoam is the one
thing that can be melted by the petroleum fuel or gas. The Researchers will not
use only any kind of polystyrene besides Styrofoam and gasoline as the dissolver
agent. The study is only limited on the projects that creates the same around
as the solvent we use in creating this product.


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