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Carlye LewisMr.BrahierTheology 25 January 2018                        Malcolm X was a very influential African American Man During His time he was not appreciated as much as he should have been.  Malcolm X is a modern day prophet mimicking the transformation from Saul to Paul in the Old Testament. Malcolm X had positive changes in religious and human rights throughout his life just like Paul. Now people realize how Malcolm X should be looked up to and a role model for human rights.    Malcolm X was born May, 1995, in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised by his father Marcus Little (Mamiya). His father was told to be a white supremacist organization leader (Ali, Zaheer). Malcolm X was 1 of 10 kids in his family. He had a hard job because of the color of his skin. His family has to move four times before Malcolm’s 4th birthday; His childhood home in Lansing, Michigan was burned to the ground (Malcolm X). It was suspected to be burnt down by members of the Black Legion. It was charged as an accident and no one was punished for this unjust action. When I Malcolm was growing up, he moved to Boston, Harlem. He became a crook because there was no other way for him to survive. He started to turn on the wrong path of drugs and alcohol too (Ali, Zaheer). After a while of being a crook, he finally was caught and was sent to prison for 10 years although it was only a. minor burglary. When in jail, he learned about the religions of Islam. He realized that he wanted to become a better man and that he wanted to do well. Working alongside Elijah Muhammad he joined the Nation of Islam or NOI. Elijah Muhammad was an African American religious leader in the NOI and started setting up churches that rapidly grew attention (Malcolm X). After the NOI learned that Elijah had affairs with women they did not want him supporting the NOI anymore. Malcolm was silenced by Muhammad for saying something after JFK’s killing and things were starting to look bad again. Malcolm wanted to stay on the right path so he decided to take a spiritual trip to Mecca. He wanted to clear his heard and focus on his spiritual state of mind. When he was there, he took the name Malik to show he was a changed man. When returning back to America the NOI was after him and he was receiving multiple death threats. The NOI decided they no longer wanted to deal with Malcolm (Lee). Malcolm X’s house was bummed in 1965 but oh one was hurt so after the NOI’s first failed attempt he was assistant by them.    Malcolm X is a modern day prophet because he has connections with Paul. Just as Paul, Malcolm started off on the wrong path and just as they both thought things couldn’t get any worse it all changed for the better. They both started off poorly but made a positive change in the name of God. Malcolm’s theme is that humanity is a basic right for all witch similarly ties to Paul of the Old Testament when converting to Christianity and now seeing that he has to be tolerant of religious rights.Our worlds today still deals with racism and religious intolerance. Malcolm  X’s message was to stand up against all the hate and when people put you down you just have to be stronger than all of that and stand right back up. By listening to Malcolm’s message we know that we are not alone fighting for what we want, we are together as a whole fighting for a group problem.    Malcolm X urged followers to defend  themselves against white aggression “by any means necessary.”(Mamiya) he wanted to start the foundation of black proud and he paved the way for other people of color to stand up for themselves. He had a rough, strenuous journey to get to where he got but his message stands,”You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to be is an intelligent human being.( Lee)Works CitedAli, Zaheer. “Malcolm X’s Death Revisited.” CNN, Cable News Network, 17 Feb. 2015,, Spike, et al. Malcom X. Pathé, 2001.”Malcolm X.”, A Networks Television, 18 Jan. 2018, Accessed 22 Jan. 2018.Mamiya, Lawrence A. “Malcolm X.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 22 Aug. 2017, Accessed 22 Jan. 2018.            


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