Technology detailed classifications includes Financial MIS, Manufacturing MIS,

Technology in Information Systems. These days, information resources have developed tremendously especially with the latest technology available. One way to manage them is by having a system that used to be called Management Information Systems (MIS). Nowadays, the terminology of Information Technology (IT) is widely used. IT has developed into a popular and a well paying job entering the 21st century.

To become an IT professional, one must obtain a good educational background. Early preparation is important in high school. During that time, four years of math is required although more than four years would be better. The types of math classes are both Algebras, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Another important class to have is four years of English. Doing well in this subject is very important because this subject helps build good communication skills. Natural Science classes such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are also needed to prepare for an IT career. Another class including foreign language is a subject to consider.

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The most important foreign language to know is computer language such as COBOL, C++, PASCAL, and BASIC. In addition, high grades are required in those classes. If you have a poor record in high school, attending junior or community college can make up for the bad ones.

Those schools also serve as excellent preparatory schools for universities (Bailey 55). Many big colleges offer Management Information Systems as a major. If one chooses that major,MIS can lead into a successful profession as an IT. The type of school does not really matter, as long as they offer an MIS major with a well-planned curriculum.

In IT or MIS, the job can be separated into many different classifications.MIS generally falls into four categories: programming, sales, data-base administrator, and Information Center Management (Bailey 155). The more detailed classifications includes Financial MIS, Manufacturing MIS, Marketing MIS, and Human resource MIS. A financial MIS provides financial information to all financial managers within and organization (Reynolds 401).A marketing MIS supports managerial activities in the areas of product development, distribution, pricing decisions, promotional effectiveness, and sales forecasting(Reynolds 413).

A human resource MIS, also called the personnel MIS, is concerned with activities related to employees of the organization (Reynolds 418). The annual salary for an IT professional after he or she receives his or her bachelors degree ranges from $35,000 to $45,000 depending on the company and his or her experience. Most IT professionals work in an industrial company rather than a government supervised company. According to Khawaja, Government owned companies are less challenging. Some IT professionals work in companies or organization such as IBM, Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems. All of these companies have a good reputation in the IT market. If being an IT professional does not satisfy someone as a career such as being a network administrator, he or she can change the field of his or her profession.

They can change their profession into a programmer, a system analyst, a data-base administrator or other fields that IT provides. Furthermore, he or she can work in the same environment even though they can change their profession into something else. That is Renadi 3 one of the advantages working as an IT expert. In conclusion, the development of information technology has transformed itself into a popular and a well paying job entering the new millennium.

Possessing knowledge about computers and technology can be a big benefit. The advantage of that is because in the future, every stored or removed information involves the use of technology. As a matter of fact, the need of IT specialists is very essential to manage information properly so that everyone who needs information has fast, accurate access to it at the time it is needed and in the form in which it is most useful (Green 59). CollegeI am studying at the college of Staten Island for an undergraduate computerscience degree. Combined with my


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