By the kindle help amazon a lot it

By Jackson teitsma1/25/18Table of contentsJeff BezosStart upMaking amazon Jeff BezosJeff Bezos is a very successful businessman he started with just an idea and the turned it into a global superstore.

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1954 he was the person of the year in 1999 after how successful he had made amazon grow in two years he was the fourth youngest person to get the honor of person of the year. He when he was making researched 20 different business catalogs before deciding on books,The Start UpThe start up of a very interesting because had all sorts of twists and turns for amazon it had stock prices drop and rise.

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Anyway the start of amazon, started with the book business because there was not much competition in the book business so they could just ease into than they decided to comewith a game changer to the book business the kindle the ebook. the kindle help amazon a lot it turned and shed some light on the company the stocks rose a ton  after the kindle because who would want to carry around a bunch of books when they can just hold a tablet. And the whole reason the CEO Bezos started this company is because he stumbled upon the fact that the internet usage was rising %2,300 a year. When amazon was starting it had the employs work on desks made from doors, and they had them like this for some time because Jeff believed that “the key to success is getting people to trust the sites then expand.” In the amazon had $2 billion dollars in debt and lost $720 million but in 1999 the stocks just grew.

 Making BetterMaking better, the strategy that almost put the company in Bankruptcy was bezos did not focus on the prophet   in 2010 bezos released the kindle fire because Bezos thought  that the kindle was not enuf and the kindle fire could do a lot more, within a year was receiving 100 order a year when more companies joined the internet store bezos told his workers “ignore them just focus on the customers”


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