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Business travel seem glorious and glamorous – flying to newcities or across the globe, dining on local cuisines and deriving maximumbenefits from these business trips. But those who must travel often can sufferstress regardless of profession and it can be taxing on your health. One way that can ruin your health when you are constantlytraveling is falling into bad eating habits. Traveling constantly makes itdifficult to eat healthy. Between waiting at the airport and attendingmeetings, a healthy meal isn’t always your priority. And eating options are fewand there are chances that one would skip the hassle of looking for a meal.

Those who are in a rush are prone to grabbing fast food and snacks from vendingmachines. These are really unhealthy practices and are bound to cause a toll inone’s health. However, eating healthy while on the road doesn’t have tofeel like a chore if you plan ahead. Maintaining smart eating habits has thepower to keep energy levels up and even has a drastic impact on your mood.  For those who want to maintain their health,there are few smart eating options to choose from to maintain a clean diet. Most food choices at the airport or on the plane tend to befairly unhealthy, so it’s better to pack your own food and snacks. If you worryabout TSA rules regarding food, there are certain non-perishable foods that areallowed.

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Maybe you can’t pack a meal but you can at least bring along aselection of healthy snacks. In fact, this is important not only while you’retraveling, but throughout the entirety of your business trip.  Dry snacks can easily fill you up and areeasy to take with you through security checkpoints at the airport. Pack beefjerky, nuts (particularly, almonds, walnuts, cashews), and seeds or packets ofalmond butter are ideal options that are travel friendly.Trail mix, nuts, dried fruits and other “baggie” types offoods pass muster with TSA.

Some good choices are dried fruit roll-ups, nuts,cereal mixes, energy bars, and candy mixes.In case you are not one to plan so far ahead, kiosks in theairport can provide you with some healthy snacks. They aren’t full meals but tohold you over until you eat a more substantial meal. Go for fruit cups, low-fatyogurts, bananas or apples, string cheese, vegetable and fruit juices. Be sureto stock up on water too since flying can dehydrate you. Always havewater with you. It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re on the road, butyou cant. Not only does it lead to dehydration, but it also makes you feel illwhen you don’t have enough.

It means headaches and other ailments, and all youneed to avoid them is plenty of water. If you are someonewith special meal requirements, talk to the airlines ahead of time to order specialmeals. Doing this offers you a couple of benefits right off thebat. First, you know that while you’re on the plane, you’ll be eating somethingthat’s healthy.

Second, if you’ll spend a long time in flight – like you’reflying over the ocean – you’ll be served many meals. Eating like this on theplane means you wont be at the mercy of the junk food in the airportconvenience store. Dine at healthyrestaurantsIt’s unavoidable on business trips to completely foregodining at restaurants. However, make it a point when you arrive at yourdestination to dine at healthy restaurants. Research ahead of the trip, if not,you can ask at the hotel’s front desk. Check the menu ahead; gravitate towardplaces that offer a nice salad menu with low-calorie dressings or dressings onthe side, healthy staples like steamed chicken or fish with brown rice orveggies, sandwich with whole wheat bread and veggies, non-cream based soups.Instead of soda or sugary drinks, opt for water or sparkling water.

If you dofind a healthy place, be sure to order some to-go items if you know that you’llbe stuck in meetings all day. Having food with you allows you to sneak in abite or two between your meetings. If you’re in a bind and have to dine at fast food joints, orderyour burger bun-less and save those carbs for another day.Skip alcohol Reduce alcoholintake while you’re on the go by choosing to drink sparkling water instead ofwine. It’s easy toget caught up in the moment during happy hours and other events but now is notthe time to fill yourself with so many empty calories. Rather than asking forthat margarita, ask the bartender for a glass of wine or a low-calorie beer.You can still have a drink, but it’s one that won’t offer you a full day ofcalories.

If you have a tendency to drink alcohol on the road, you’regoing to want to offset its effects by drinking lots of water. Same goes if youspend a lot of your travel time in planes. You’ll dry up quickly under thesecircumstances. Your body needs water in order to function correctly.

Drink morewater while on business.Never skip breakfastBreakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. Evenif you have to get up at 3 am to catch an early flight, it is essential thatyou try to eat a healthy, hearty breakfast. Whether at home, a hotel or theairport — breakfast will help you avoid suddenly getting hungry later in theday and thus snacking or making poor food choices. Of course, you’ll want topay close attention to what you’re eating, which means skipping any greasy,fried foods or sugary items.Eat somethinghealthy, try something with protein, and be sure you’re making wise decisionsat breakfast, such as only one piece of bacon rather than five.Bring packets of sugar-free oatmeal with you for your hotelroom, which you can make by pouring hot water from the coffee maker into a bowlfor a healthy breakfast option that will allow you to skip the pancakes orFrench toast at the continental breakfast.Eat smaller portions,get a half-orderEating smaller portions during the day will allow you toavoid an afternoon crash and will prevent you from picking up fast food duringthe day if you haven’t eaten for several hours.

Another greatway to eat healthier is to go for the half-order options at restaurants. Ahalf-order is usually still a good size meal and saves you money.Hotels withkitchenettesNothing tastes like a home cooked meal. If you’re away fromhome, then you’ll want to go with the next best option, the hotel-cooked meal.

If you are lucky enough to be offered apartment-style living arrangement in thehotel for your extended stay, take advantage to it. Visit nearby grocery storeand stock up on foods you normally eat at home if possible. Aside from the factthat this gives you a taste of home, it also allows you the most control overhow and what you eat and drink.

It can be a much healthier and cheaper optionfor you in the long run.If you’re staying in an extended-stay hotel that’s near agrocery store, be sure to stock up on groceries and cook in your room. Many ofthese establishments offer kitchenettes, where you can make your morning coffeeand cook meals.Visit the grocery store to stock up on some snacks that youcan enjoy in your hotel room. Granola, fruit, and protein bars will allow youto indulge in healthy snacks in between your meals.

Conclusion Being on the road takes a toll on your diet. Too much timespent on airplanes can leave you dehydrated, feeling a bit under the weather,and craving some of your favorite comfort foods. However, a little-advancedplanning goes a long way toward helping you eat smart on the road. It’s likely,in the end, that you’ll see that these steps are worth it. 


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