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Bristol is a city, located in South West England with a population around 454,200 in 2016. The county has
a 10th-largest population in
England and is 8th largest in population in the United Kingdom,
according to a report from 2015. The city edges South Gloucestershire and North Somerset, along
with the cities of Gloucester to the north-east and Bath to the south-east. Near
the 0junction of rivers Avon and Frome, Roman villas and Iron Age hill forts
were built. The settlement was known as Brycgstow, the place on the bridge,
around the start of the 11th century. In 1155, Bristol received a
royal charter and was split between Somerset and Gloucestershire until 1373, when
Bristol itself became a county. Between 13th and 18th
century, after London, Bristol was among the top three English cities in tax
receipts. Due to the expeditious rise of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham
in the Industrial Revolution, Bristol was surpassed. For early voyagers,
Bristol was beginning place of exploration to the New World. In 1497, John
Cabot, a Venetian, became the first European on a ship out of Bristol, since
the Vikings to land on mainland North America. William Weston, a merchant of
Bristol, in 1499, was the first Englishman who led an exploration to North
America. Between 1700 and 1807, when Bristol Slave trade was at a peak, around 500,000 people from Africa were
carried in more than 2000 slave ships for slavery in Americas. The Port of
Bristol when controlled by Bristol City Council, was the commercial title of
the Avonmouth, Bristol city, Royal Portbury Docks, Portishead. It has since
moved from Bristol Harbour which is located at the city centre to Severn Estuary.
Bristol pound is the largest circulating community currency in the United
Kingdom. In 2009, Bristol was selected as one of the world’s top ten cities by
Dorling Kindersley, an international travel publishers. Bristol has been titled
as the best city in Britain to reside in by The Sunday Times in 2014 and 2017.
In the year 2015, Bristol was awarded the EU’s European green Capital Awards.


city is extended from Mendip Hills in the south to the Cotswolds in the
northeast and is part of a limestone. Both the rivers, Avon and Frome runs to
the underlying clay, through the limestone, forming Bristol’s
characteristically hilly landscape. The gorge has been dredged for the stone
to construct the city while its surrounding land has been preserved from
development as Leigh Woods and The Downs. Bristol is 77 miles south-southwest
of Birmingham, 26 miles east of the Welsh Capital Cardiff, 106 miles west of
London and 60 miles east – southeast of Swansea.


 As per Bristol’s environmental performance,
approaches to climate change, biodiversity, recycling, quality of life and
future-proofing, it was classified as Britain’s most sustainable city. It had
topped the environmental charity Forum for the Future’s 2008 Sustainable Cities
Index. The Local initiatives include Sustrans and Resourcesaver. The former is
a United Kingdom sustainable transport charity. The latter is a non-profit
business established by Avon Friends of the Earth in 1988. Bristol is the first
UK city to receive European Green Capital Award in the year 2015.


The University of Bristol, a “redbrick”
chartered in 1909 while its main building opened in 1925 and the Polytechnic
University, opened in 1969, are two prime institutes of higher education in
Bristol. In 1992, the Polytechnic University became the University of the West
of England. The city also accommodates the campus of the University of Law. 
There are two further education institutions, South Gloucestershire and
Stroud College and City of Bristol College in the city. Bristol also has three theological
colleges, which includes: Wesley College, Bristol Baptist College and Trinity
College. The city has three learning centres, 129 infant, primary and junior
schools, 17 secondary schools and England’s second highest number of
independent schools.


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