Braveheart is a realistic portrayal of the power
struggle between England and Scotland. The film starts by
showing William Wallace as a boy, losing his father to
Edward the Longshanks, King of England. William Wallace
leaves Scotland with his uncle to live with him. Years
elapse and William Wallace returns to Scotland, the place of
his birth, to take over his familys farm. Wallace finds his
childhood love, Marin, and marries her secretly. When one of
the feudal lords kills Marin for striking a guard, Wallace
then begins a revolt against the English.
Wallaces army of Scots march against the English
armies time and again. Until William Wallace is captured by
Robert the Bruces fathers plan and is sent to London before
King Edward the Longshanks. Wallace faces trial for high
treason from which he is found guilty. Wallace is then given
the choice of confessing or being purified. To show his
patriotism to Scotland Wallace chooses not to confess.

Therefore Wallace experiences a slow, painful death as his
last word Freedom still rings in the ears of the audience,
as they cut his head off. The last scene in Braveheart is
the battle between the English and Scottish armies where the
Scots win their freedom.

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The theme for Braveheart is betrayal. It is shows all
through the movie. The Princess Isabelle betrays her husband
and country of marriage by helping and falling in love with
William Wallace. Whereas it is the same when Robert the
Bruce betrays William Wallace by giving his word to unite
their clans against the English then turns to Edward the
Longshanks for a title, land and more money. A final act of
betrayal is that of father against son. The act is Robert
the Bruces own father plans against this son and plays a
part n getting William Wallace captured for the King.

Two of the most interesting characters to analyze is
Edward the Longshanks and the Princess of Wales. Edward the
Longshanks seems to have no weakness. Though through the
movie, in my opinion, I think he has one and that is
underestimating William Wallace and Scotland. It can also be
said that his strength lays in his ruthlessness. No matter
what the obstacle Edward was able to surmount it though
sheer coldness of character. Edward the Longshanks
relationship toward his son is probably the only thing even
comparably compassionate about his persona. Whereas for
instance if anyone else had been the fool his son is they
would have met death.
The Princess of Wales has a turning point in Braveheart. It
is when she meets William Wallace for the first time.

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