Branding in corporate environments are along the lines

Branding is not only about getting Lifestyle
Water’s target audience to select our product over the others, but also to
establish a well driven brand equity. Identifying with customers the thick
aluminum resealable bottles, and the calm ecofriendly coloring on the label,
Lifestyle water will be able to establish high brand awareness and mass
opportunity for co-branding. Integrating the following brand strategies will
also assist in the brand equity of Lifestyle Water. To be the most efficient in
branding, Lifestyle Water will utilize a 360° branding approach. The most
important aspect is to think strategically. Identifying the possible
opportunities and gaps to fill with the company’s name. Once locations or
opportunities are identified, it’s crucial to define the brand. Informing the
customers of the company’s intentions and the eco green friendly product will
drive the support and want of the water bottles. This idea will support the
overall brand vision of being “the most durable, ecofriendly water bottle in
the market” generating the craving, popularity and sales of every day local
water bottle. The additional plus to the reusable concept of the bottle will be
a support anchor in the repeat usage and self-branding of the product whether
the liquid being consumed is the water of Lifestyle water. Drivers that enforce
the direction would include the durability of the bottle, ecofriendly green
materials, and reusable functions. Inhibitors going against the company would
include the slim market share that’s established at this point, as well as the
cannibalism aspect from the multiple usages. Since the products will be
targeted mainly for business to business rather than business to consumer, low
advertising could also be a factor limiting the products awareness. Risks being
in corporate environments are along the lines of mass water distributing points
such as water gallon replacement stations and self-filtering taps to the city’s
local water supply could limit the need for spending on the bottle itself.
Opportunities however, include the mass bulk orders at discounted rates and
customizations allow companies to show their names rather than just a water
point. This makes the product as well as their name become mobile. Key issues
would be finding new users or slimming down the repeat usage of the bottle so
that more bottles will be needed. How will the company be protected from
individuals not recycling or properly disposing of the bottles adding to the
plastic water bottle epidemic replacing that product’s brand with Lifestyle
Water’s logo littering the earth. Strategies to combat these situations will be
to continue to attract new users to the need of mass transportation chilled
bottles with personalized/customizations and advertisement campaigns reminding
the consumer of the whole idea behind ecofriendly bottles and protecting the
Earth’s life cycle. Inspiring creative execution will assist with gaining the
consumers’ attention to break through the need for the bottles. Burning the
image of Lifestyle Water and placing a spotlight of the green carbon footprint
aspect will help communicate the main message through story so that it sticks
in the consumer’s mind. This will make the brand seem different and hold an
actual precedence of need to be purchased rather than plastic and Styrofoam
cups. Finishing up the 360° branding approach, Lifestyle water will analyze the
performance of the plan. Putting a brand assessment in place will assess the
marketplace, consumers, channels, competitors and the brand itself. This will enable
Lifestyle Water to monitor the inhibitors, risks, and other challenges to keep
the company ahead of possible draw backs.


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