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Bradley Pierce, well known for playing Peter Shephard in the 1995 movie Jumanji, has revealed a few things about what it was like to be in the film and to also work alongside Robin Williams.The 35-year-old actor was just 12-years-old when he first auditioned for the film and he said that he knew it would be something really special. ”I figured out really quickly that it was going to leave a really big mark, partly because Robin Williams and Joe Johnston were involved.” Bradley starred in the movie alongside the late Robin Williams, who played Alan Parrish, Kirsten Dunst, who played Bradley’s on-screen sister Judy Shephard, and Bonnie Hunt, who played Sarah Whittle, who all took part as players to the dangerously adventurous board game.

The Jumanji actor came forward and mentioned about the time where Peter got transformed into a monkey, as a result of lying in the game, and how it took him a lot of time and pain as a result. ”The monkey make up was originally set to be 40 days approximately. However, it ended up being almost 70 and that was partially because the application process took nearly threw and a half hours- and then another to remove. I couldn’t eat once the make up was on, because it would destroy the makeup around the mouth, so I was eating protein shakes through straws”.Despite all this, the former child star still remembers Robin Williams as if it were only yesterday and how he made everything a lot easier for him.”Robin would come in and he would sit in the make up trailer and keep me company. He had gone through all of the various stages of prosthetic makeup for Mrs Doubtfire not long beforehand, so being familiar with the challenges he was able to talk me through meditations, ways to calm yourself.

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” When it came to describing Williams, Bradley didn’t even need to hesitate or take any moments to think. ”95% of the time he was that very energetic, bubbly guy. There are very few actors who would go out of their way in the way he did. I think it was part of Williams’ nature to be generous, kind and caring.”On a final note The Jumanjistar also spoke about what he had learnt and taken away from the whole experience.”In the movie, the game makes you identify and learn from your flaws and weaknesses, and makes you become a stronger and better person. I think the filming of that movie and the circumstances that it has presented me since, had a similar effect on me.

”The movie did end up becoming a massive hit to everyone around the world and the cast became well known for their roles in it. Unfortunately Robin Williams, died from apparent suicide in 2014 at age 63, however he still has left his mark on many other celebrities he had worked with such as former child star Lisa Jakub, who played Robin’s daughter in Mrs Doubtfire. The sequel Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is in cinemas now!


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