Blogging optimizes the opportunity to be seen by

Blogging is one of the most important part of business now. If you incorporate skyrocket and SEO-friendly, the blog can attract visitors to your website.

It is a valuable source of communication between clients and you. It helps in building trust that can bring profits in business. You can become expert in your field and share experience and knowledge.

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But, when you google something, you really don’t open all the sites that appear. You open the ones in the first page or just 4-5 of them. We have consulted SEO experts and some SEO services to find out how to increase rank of website. Let, us look at 5 simple low cost SEO tips which can help your site rank better in the organic search.Using Free Tools For Improving ContentSEO rank will go down if the quality of the blog is not consistently high. Before posting any blog, you can use external editor or some proofreader. There are handy guides which are available at Academized or Australian Help which checks structure, tone and language. 2000 words are best suited for SEO ranking.

You can use Easy Word Count to keep an eye on it. You can also give reference and link to authorative sources outside. Google gives importance to external links.

Never forget to give social share icons. It optimizes the opportunity to be seen by more people. It also increases inbound links. Also, include internal links so that people look at different blogs in our website.Outsource the work and Utilisation of anchor textWriting blogs is more than part time job.

You need to post regularly and give nice content to optimize the website. The blogs should be of high-quality, original and flawless. You need to give time to it. Many business also delegate their content creation or  blog writing to some third parties so that the work is handled carefully.

An editor and content writer can be found easily by posting an ad on sites like Freelancer or Upwork. There are some other websites where you don’t even have to put up any ad. You can just select the service you are looking for and give to some expert.Anchor text is the text through which visitors can navigate as clicking on it guides you to another wesbite or webpage or any other site in the Internet.

Use them effectively since they can be used to navigate throughout the website. Include keywords or phrases in it which people could be looking for. Keywords and URL play an important roleUse your keywords strategically and repeatedly. The words are like the cornerstone of the article which affects the rank of blog. The keywords should fit seamlessly into the blog and make sure they are used where necessary and they must fit the context. Don’t stuff the article with keywords where it doesn’t suit the article.

Don’t keep repeatig them too much. Use them once or twice and choose the ones which describes your content as well. You can look for AdWords where there is Google’s Keyword Tool and Google Trends which gives information regarding usage of keywords.Before making your website online, make sure the URL is perfect for it.

The domain name is the first thing that appears when visitors are looking in your site. Google also looks for it initially and decides the content of your site and hence the rank. Make sure the URL is clean and don’t use hashbangs, special characters, or page ID in it. Incorporate your business name and a keyword in it to enhance the information given by it. Placement of Keywords and Incorporating headers to give structureKeywords only help in boosting the rank of your website when they are placed in effective places. Your keyword should definitely be present in the title of the content.

Make the title catchy so that it grabs the attention of the visitor. For making SEO rank better, incorporate the keyword in it. The keyword should appear in the sub-headers and also in the body or central part of the article for once.

The most important part is using it in the URL. There should be feature readable indicators and breadcrumbs trail of the content in the blog. Don’t use random strings of text or numbers in the URLs.Your content should have a title and subtitles.

Don’t just write a lot of stuff as the users won’t feel like reading all of it. If the text hierarchy is explained to the search engine, they give a higher rank in the organic search. Define the title as H1 in the Text’s Editor as it is the most important part.

Don’t have more than one H1 per page and it should describe the content of the page as well. Don’t forget to use keywords in it. Following your H1 could be H2, H3 so on. It is easier for search engines to understand your content when the text sructure is clearly understood. Make the content mobile-friendly and Include alt text in images.How many of us uses a laptop or desktop to search for something? People access internet and searches for content usually while watching TV, commuting, or lying in bed. These are the times when they use mobiles.

SEO rank won’t increase if the blog isn’t mobile-optimized. There are a lot of Google searches happening in mobile and your website won’t be displayed prominently by Google if it is not mobile friendly. Also, visitors won’t revisit your site if it isn’t accessible properly and there is a lot of competition already.

 Search engines are unable to understand what your graphic or image is trying to convey. They look for alt text which is concise description of the image in the website which is written below the image. Accurately describe what is written in image and try including a few keywords or name of the website in it too. Don’t write alt text for purely functional or background images. Also, if the image is not related to the topic you are writing about, avoid alt text.

 We have given all the essential SEO tips to make sure your blog comes first in the SEO search. Write nice stuff and have a check on the tips above to be on top. 


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