Biography: 1916 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Jane had one

Biography: Jane Jacobs was born on May 4, 1916 in Scranton,Pennsylvania. Jane had one sister and two brothers. Her father worked as adoctor, a general practitioner. During her childhood years, she learned a greatamount from her teachers during first and second grade.

After that, she mainlytaught herself by having a book underneath her desk. As Jane grew older, sheended up in multiple professions such as an author, urban advocate, economist,ecologist, and philosopher. During her young years, Jane worked as a reporterfor ‘The Scranton Tribune’ in 1933. Giving her some experience to the mediaworld, later, she moved to New York afterwards where she worked for four yearson numerous jobs such as writing for magazines before introducing herself toThe Columbia University study. By 1940, Jacob’s book ‘Constitutional Chaff’ waspublished by trade magazine ‘Iron Age.’ During 1940 to 1952, Jane workedheavily in the written department, being an assistant or associate for ahandful of companies. As a citizen activist in the 1960, she was givenacknowledgement for helping to save West Greenwich Village and Soho fromcatastrophe for the purpose of urban renewal and highway construction.

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A grantfrom the Rockefeller Foundation gave her a chance to write her book ‘The Deathand Life of Great American Cities’ which was later on released in 1961. Janeand her husband left the United States in 1968 during the Vietnam war whichthey settled in Toronto where she became involved in a fight to stop expresswayexpansion. Jacobs drew in many diverse urban thinkers and civic practitioners,becoming known outside of North America mainly for an economist, patternobserver, and analyst of complex systems. In 1998, she pursued herself as anOfficer of the Order of Canada.

Jacobs was known widely and was given a greatdeal of respect from many.Historical Significance: Jane was a hardworking womanwho has done greatly for herself and many others, deeply touching them to the bottomof their hearts. She fought for many people an example of this is the WestGreenwich Village where she stopped highway expansions and urban renewal fromdeveloping there. She published a great deal of books which gave many urbanthinkers a wide set of ideas to be considered on giving her acknowledgment forher exterior thoughts. She contributed in many civil fights which affectedplenty of people worldwide into seeing her ideas into a different perspectiveon city planning, urbanization, etc. She gave people confidence on her planswhich gave a great deal of recognition on who she was and what she strived for.

She was a remarkable persistent woman who got my attention after getting somebrief details on her work and who she was as a person. She truly was a greatimpact for her century and ours and for many more to come and for this, sheshould be deserving for a memorialization because of the significant landmarkshe has placed herself in her world history.


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