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. Concrete Angel by Martina McBride – This song is about a mother who was abusive towards her daughter both physical and neglect. Some could say that he Walls just had a different way of raising their children but others could argue that by neglecting the children and their needs in times of need, they performed serious abuse.2. The Climb by Miley Cyrus – Jeannette Walls certainly had a few obstacles (to say the least) in her lifetime to overcome; a drunken father, a selfish mother, several occurrences of potential rape. But it was the memories of hard times and the lessons she learned along the way that allowed her to get so far. The lyrics to this song say, ” It’s not about how fast I get there. It ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.” Despite all odds, this brave little girl kept her head high the whole journey up the colossal mountain and turned her life around, becoming a strong and successful women.3. Blown Away by Carrie Underwood – The story behind this song is about a child who has grown up in a dysfunctional family and wants to leave it all behind… wants it to just get “blown away” by the twisters in Oklahoma where she lives. This is the same way Jeanette and her sibling felt when they left Welch to go live out their dreams in New York City. They knew they would not get anywhere in Welch and had to leave even if it meant leaving their parents behind. After all, it was Rose Mary and Rex Walls who were responsible for the rut the children were stuck in. SwitchfootDare You to MoveThis song talks about how we all stumble upon hard times in life, and about how God dares us to move and get back on our feet. It’s about how there’s a difference between who we are and who we should be.This song relates to Jeannette’s life because she’s sick and tired of the life she has and wants to move away from Welch. Jeannette says “Just because I live here now doesn’t mean I couldn’t move” on page 236. She’s ready to get away and start her own life.Sleeping With SirensWho are You NowThis song relates to Rose Mary’s life because Jeannette doesn’t think she is trying to believing in anything. Rose Mary is tired and lost and doesn’t want to be found or fix things.Simple PlanI’m Just a KidThis song relates to Jeannette Wall’s family because of the way the kids live being a nightmare. They don’t have a normal childhood. While Jeannette was sleeping, she got touched by an older man, attempting to rape her.Howie DayLongest NightThe song starts out with “Is it dark where you are,” which relates to Jeannette because she’s in a dark state of life. Her life is dark and dim throughout the novel, but she keeps hoping for “light.” This is shown on page 236 when she says “Maybe should move to New York.” This shows how she hasn’t given up and still is looking for the light.Lee DeWyzeSweet SerendipityThis song relates to Jeannette because she doesn’t mind not having much and being wealthy. She is comfortable with who she is, but wants to change. She makes the most of every situation.The ScriptThe End Where I BeginJeannette had been through many hardships through life that many kids her age hadn’t experienced. This song relates to how something bad and terrible can happen, which in result gives you motivation to try harder.Imagine DragonsDemonsThis song relates to The Glass Castle because it talks about days and nights being cold and how demons hide in life. Jeannette’s life is filled with cold and demons, tearing her down.Echo SmithCool KidsThis song relates to Jeannette when she’s at school because all the kids make fun of her clothing and the way she looks. She’s dirty and doesn’t shower. In the novel, it says “Go on home to the garbage dump.” (Walls 190)YellowcardFightingThis song relates to Jeannette’s life because she keeps on fighting through her life. She knows there is something more in life and hope’s to get away.The Summer SetMaybe Tonight This song talks about how someone is ready to start something and new and try again to get things right. This relates to Jeannette because she never gives up and keeps trying new things and new aspects on her life.


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