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Ms. William was awarded the Noble Peace Price for her work against violence in Northern Ireland. And for more than twenty years, she has traveled the world, working with fellow Nobel laureates in trouble spots throughout the world where the cause of peace, and especially the safety and well being of children is needed.

Ms. William mentioned a lot of good points, but Ms. Williams main vision is to save the worlds children by creating safe place of refuge where they will be fed, sheltered, nurtured and encouraged to grow to their fullest potential with everyone help. Ms. Williams said, A prize is not awarded for what one has done but for what one will do. Which made me think if everyone was to put a little of effort to help those children that are being exploited. The world would actually be a different place for them. But Ms.

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Williams vision is being manifested throughout an organization she founded in 1997, The World Centers of Compassion for Children (WCCC). The WCCC is creating a program that will provide a strong political voice for children. The WCCCs intention is to enable children to address the United Nations General Assembly on a regular basis, and establish a system with the United Nations Court of Human Rights where childrens voices will heard.Ms. Williams has often heard the testimonies of children who are articulate, clever and expresses their own needs and concerns. I agree with Ms.

Williamss points and if we would all agree with her and actually did something about, it this place would actually be a better place not only for children but for everyone as well. Bibliography:


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