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Becoming a primary school teacher has been a desire of mine for as long as I can remember. I recently studied BA (Hons) Educational Studies, Sport and Physical Activity degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University and it is now my ambition to go on to a PGCE in primary school teaching. I became interested in teaching when I was involved in organising a rugby session for a primary school, during my studies at college. I was hesitant at first, as I had no experience in working with children. However, I was quite overwhelmed at how well I interacted with the children and more so how much I enjoyed myself. I was inspired at how much of an impact my passion for sport had on them.

It is from this experience that made me realise that I want to provide a better future for children, not just intellectually, but emotionally and socially. I cannot think of another job that is more important in our society than being able to teach children. That is why I would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to further my career.During my time at university, I wanted to do some research into how male pupils viewed their role models.

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To my surprise, I found that not many male pupils had a direct role model figure available in school. It was made clear to me recently at how true this was. I took up a teaching assistant position in a primary school, to find out that I was the only male member of staff in the whole school. The teachers would comment on how positively my interactions with the male pupils had affected their attitude during lessons.I feel I am able to have a good connection with children of primary age with the way that I communicate with them. My time that I have spent so far working in reception, and key stage 1 classes, has given me a real enthusiasm with interacting with pupils, especially when they are enjoying their learning.

You are able to gain a large amount of knowledge from a child about their level of skills and ability, just through talking to them and I believe that is one of my assets in teaching.I believe I am a competent team worker, having played in a rugby team most of my life and am confident this carries over into my professional career. The school settings I have been in, I believe I have demonstrated that I am able to work within a team to effectively create the best teaching environment we can.With this being said, I appreciate the challenges I could be faced with when teaching primary school children.

There is a misconception when being a teacher, as people think you spend all your time in a class room teaching and you get have six weeks paid holiday. However, I’ve realised this isn’t the case. The reality is that you may spend less time in the classroom with pupils and more time dealing with administrators, attending meetings and grading school work. You also need to sacrifice your own family life at times when bringing home lesson plans. Though this can be demanding at times, I know that all the hard work you put into the little things contributes to the pupil’s education.Recently I have had an increased exposure to SEN pupils while working at Maes Ebbw School in Newport. At first I was hesitant at the idea due to my lack of experience with SEN pupils.

During my first few days there I felt that I needed to take a step back and observe the different teaching style that each child needed. I observed a particular pupil acting withdrawn during their individual work time. I had noticed during the day that this pupil reacts more positively with male teachers, so I used my initiative to provide one-to-one support. I watched what they were doing and realised that this pupil needed a little help with his work, which he didn’t have the communication skills to ask for. By the end of the exercise, I saw a significant improvement in his confidence and attitude to learning.Time management, organisation, initiative, determination/resilience (overcome obstacles/hardships), flexibility, versatility – SEN school,


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