Barrier: professionals come together to work within

Barrier: This is something that can cause obstruction, block or prevent things from occurring.Partnership working in health and social care is a process whereby different professionals come together to work within a particular organisation to deliver a coordinated and efficient care to the service user according to their needs. (Peckham, 2003, p.43).

When different people or organisations are coming together for the same purpose, it expected that there will be professional boundaries to be mend, there will be a point at which all the partners will need to meet for the same purpose and in doing so, there will be a lot of misconception, corrections and barriers and benefits.In my next few paragraph, I will be discussing the potential barrier to partnership working in health and social servicesSome common potential barriers to partnership working are:  Structure: The is the way in which system is organised, it could be organisation structure, management structure or salary structure. All these types of the structure mentioned have to be properly in place for efficient working partnership. A partnership cannot work if the system is full of bad structure, such system can be compared to a house without a good or proper foundation. In a partnership where there is no good structure, there will be poor communication and poor efficiency. Unfortunately, in the health and social care sector the end receiver of this barriers are the service users, there will be communication gap between the service giver and the service users, service user will not be properly informed about their GP appointment, it makes the elderly and the learning disabled people to be totally confused about the treatment they are receiving. Lack of adequate understanding between the partnersThere is need to be an adequate understanding between the partners, the partner should not be a self centre in their thinking.

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If partners are only after their own self-righteousness or the profit they are going to make there will be a problem with the service users. A misunderstanding leads to the development of misconception and biases against each organisation. Conflict of interest: Conflict of interest is a situation whereby the partners are in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity. Each organisation coming together should realise that they are coming together for the interest of the populace I.e. the service users.

 Clear organisation boundaries when partnering. If there are no clear boundaries during the partnership, the end product of such partnership will be conflict. Most organisations in working partnerships are often faced with conflicts.According to Dickinson (2010), conflicts are likely to occur when partnering organisations do not develop clear organisation boundaries or appropriately assign duties and responsibilities to each other.Taking for instance partnership between a non-governmental organisation and a private organisation, if the partnering bodies do not intelligibly delegate responsibilities to each partner, conflict of interest is possible to happen. “Similarly, a conflict may arise if any of the partners focus more on selfish interest other than mutual benefits”. Conflict policy: Every organisation has their own policies and mode of practices even before they partner with any other organisation.

If such practices continue as in after partnership each organisation wants their policies and mode of practices to be in operation, such can be confusing to the employee thinking about which of the practices and policies should be used. As a result of this, the employee could be in a state of a dilemma when making professional decisions at the workplace and the quality control systems of the organisation will be confused and impractical. (Pamela, 2009). In my opinion, all these factors mentioned above works against Adult A, and that leads to the death because the partnership could not come together and delegates responsibilities to each department involved. 


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