At meet Dan, Dan is a reporter

At the beginning of the film we see a little girl who has her sick parrot named Kiki, she convinces a couple to take her parrot to the vet and pay for the bill. They pay a large sum of money, and turns out the vet was her father, who faked the whole ordeal in order to get money.

His name is Pablito and after getting threatened by a gang, he needs 160,000 dollars fast. Then we meet Dan, Dan is a reporter who is headed to Palombia and needs something good to report while he’s there. Him and his now “tour guide” Pablito says he’ll take Dan wherever he needs to go for the scoop in exchange for 160,000 dollars. Pablito talks about the creature Marsupilami, this mythical animal that should be living in the the same forests they’re in now. We then fast forward to a botanist who is trying to discover a new orchid. His assistant, Petunia, finds an incredibly rare one that once turned into a serum, it can change his 80 year old self into a young adult again, reversing age. What he doesn’t know yet is that the mythical creature, the Marsupilami uses it for their eggs before they hatch. So the creature goes on the hunt to try and steal it from the botanist.

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Soon as the botanist realizes his powers, he imprisons the general, who has a deep love for Celine Dion. The new general now plans to hunt for the Marsupilami and try to get all of the rare orchids to keep his young age forever. Meanwhile, Dan and Pablito, after some fighting and exploring, are captured by the deadly tribe known as the Paya. After buried to their heads they are told the prophecy of the mythical Marsupilami. They are then drugged with berries and released from the tribe, but Dan and Pablito separate after Dan admits that he is not paying Pablito because he doesn’t have the money. After a few minutes, Pablito discovers the once thought to be fake Marsupilami, and all it’s eggs. All of a sudden, the new general comes in with his troops and knocks down the nest and captures the Marsupilami. Pablito tries to stop him but Dan falls on top of him after literally falling through the sky, which knocks them both out.

The two men are placed into the military prison where they meet the old general. They convince him to help them all escape and the old general dresses himself up as Celine Dion and tricks all the military troops to follow and dance with him. This gives Dan and Pablito enough time to get the eggs, get into a car, and head for the local news building to report Dan’s new scoop. The Marsupilami who was placed in a strict, max security prison box, manages to escape in order to try to reach the men and get his eggs.

They reach the news cast building and rush in before it’s too late for Dan to report. He talks about the Marsupilami and tries to pull out the tape on his camera, but Pablito accidentally erased it while trying to help him, leaving him with no evidence. Not too long later, the Marsupilami comes swooping in on national TV, revealing his existence to the whole world. The new general comes in and tries to do everything in his power to get those eggs, but to no avail.

He drinks the last of his serum to get an everlasting strength to take out the Marsupilami, but instead reverses his age back to infantage. All is well with the world afterwards, Dan got his career saving scoop, Pablito is not considered a liar anymore with his children, and the Marsupilami is a new father after their three eggs hatch in their new nest.


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