At Although I was unable to build the

At 17 years old, I had the grueling task of decidinghow I wanted to spend 40 plus years of my life.

I always aspired to land acareer in the medical field, so I majored in biology like most pre-medhopefuls, but during my junior year, I no longer desired to become a physician.The medical field was calling out to me, but the specialty of focus wasincorrect. After graduation, I went back to the basics and put mynursing assistant certification to use.?  I was introduced to the field of nursing by assisting my mother and herinterdisciplinary team on a hospice case. It showed me how autonomous the jobas a holistic hospice nurse is. The amount of dignity and care they providedfor both the patients and their family during the final phase of their loved ones’ life was unfathomable, being able to help maintain therespect for human life not only physically, but spiritually as well, was an enrichingexperience. It gave me anentirely new outlook on life and death. I fell in love with theamount of compassion and empathy I was able to pour into our patients.

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It has made me very proud of my title as aCNA.  I’mcurrently assigned to a 96-year-oldpatient who came home from rehab due to a fractured ankle. I assist him with his daily activities andneeds. Applying basic practical nursing skills as a CNA has allowed me to become more comfortable with patientcare. While working in the nursing field, I have realized how tenacious one needs to be. You must give yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually to meet theneeds of your patient.

   Although I wasunable to build the career I desired with my biology degree, it has laid avital foundation I need to excel in a rigorous nursing program. Obtaining anursing degree will be the first majorstep towards receiving a master’s in nursing and becoming a family nurse practitioner. In the future, I aim to open an independentpractice and participate in humanitarian work with Medecins Sans Frontières. I want to educate and care for people on a globalscale.  Determining anursing school to attend has been one of my most daunting tasks. I aspire toattend a school that will not only prepare me academically but will alsoinstill me with the skills to become a safe, competent nurse. The reputation ofthe George Washington University School of Nursing stands alone, as it isranked as one of the top 10 programs in the nation.

Along with this, what has intriguedme about the program is GWU’s ability to give students an opportunity to learnbeyond the classroom. GWU prepares students to become leaders and advocators;whether it’s working in a clinical environment, providing care to underserved communities across the world or influencingpolicy to meet the demands of our ever-changing healthcare system.?There is no better school to attend andcontinue my devotion to my studies, than George Washington University.



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