As and their preferences, the decision comes

As Charnwood East Midlands Hotel isplanning to introduce a new business intelligence analytics solution foreffective analysis of their clients and their preferences, the decision comesalong with a consideration of the ethical and professional issues tied to it,accompanied by the compliance of the legal framework surrounding the system. 1. Information System EthicsEthical problems have recently facedincreased consideration by managers making decisions related to theimplementation of information systems as they continue to be ubiquitous inhuman lives. The hotel has to consider the values they endorse as anassociation, the ethical moralities they are channelled by, and the responsibilityof information technology in the choices that have to be made in the commercialworld in order to cultivate an agenda to counter ethical quandaries. (Bose, 2011)1.

1 Code of ConductWith respect to the businessintelligence analytics solution to be created, Charnwood East Midlands Hotelhas the responsibility to adopt its own ‘Code of Conduct’ in order to establisha professional and ethical nature of responsibility across the firm. Forexample, the British Computer Society has the onus to set guidelines andprofessional ideals to direct the behaviour of its affiliates in professionalcomplications (BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 2015).1.2 Professional ResponsibilitiesThe central database has to be used in aprofessional manner, where the users are obligated to respect their duties andresponsibilities during their work. The data provided should be utilised accuratelyto achieve the goals of the hotel where all the employees aim to ensure thesecurity of the data warehouse (Bocij, Greasley and Hickie, 2015).

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2. Computer CrimeIntelligenceagencies are collecting huge quantities of data from numerous sources to facethe intimidating task of protecting various firms such as Charnwood EastMidlands Hotel against cybersecurity threats and defending their intellectualproperties and foundation. Existing investigation on technologies forcybersecurity lacks a stable agenda for focusing on these data challenges(Chen, Chiang and Storey, 2012).2.1 TheftWith the implementation of the centraldatabase, the financial information stored on the database is at risk of theftby criminals which is used to disguise the theft of money. However, theft of servicesrefers to the unauthorised use of the software to commit illegal transactionsin order to damage the database for personal benefit.

2.2 Software TheftA factor that Charnwood East MidlandsHotel will have to consider is software theft which is the unauthorised copyingof the information system, thus creating multiple duplicates, allowing thehotel’s staff to use them at a lower cost. Strict laws apply to such crimes,which can endanger the performance of the firm in the future.2.3 Data Theft With the implementation of the analyticssolution, a threat of data theft may be possible where criminals can beinvolved in the theft of sensitive information or make unauthorised changes tocomputer records.3.

Legal & RegulatoryRequirementsTo counter the ethical issues andcomputer crimes, various legal statutes are in place for the victims. Theselaws look to protect the victims who are affected by the illegal use of thedata in the information systems to invade their privacy or sensitiveinformation in order to benefit from it. Considering the implementation of thedatabase in the hotel in order to conduct further analysis of their guests’tastes and preferences, several laws would be applicable since the database requiresthe holding of personal details of guests.

Following are the laws mostapplicable in the company’s situation.3.1 Data Protection Act 1998According to UK Legislation, the Data ProtectionAct 1998 is “an Act to make new provision for the regulation of the processingof information relating to individuals, including the obtaining, holding, useor disclosure of such information’ (, 1998).

Thismeans that the act controls how personal data is utilised by various firms,organisations or the government. Therefore, it is essential that the hotel’sdatabase is aligned with the law and to ensure the data held is being usedfairly and for specifically stated purposes.3.2 ComputerMisuse Act 1990Accordingto UK Legislation, the Computer Misuse Act 1990 is “an Act to make provision for securing computer materialagainst unauthorised access or modification; and for connected purposes” (

uk,1990).This law intended to counter unauthorised use of computer systems byhackers to access and misuse stored information.  Thus,these are the ethical, professional and legal issues that need to be consideredduring the implementation of the analytics solution at the Charnwood East MidlandsHotel.


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