As can be used in any existing

As the project is mainly designed for librariansand library users, a system called library management system (LMS) is used.

The system updates the manual library systeminto an internet based application, which enables users to know details oftheir accounts, availability of items and the time limit for borrowing items aswell as time remaining for their borrowed items. This system functions as a complete userinterface for library management process and library use. Library management system is an applicationwhich operates on Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other internetsources.

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The library management system can be used in anyexisting or new library to manage books and other items.  The system will provide a search functionalityto assist with the search of resources based on different categories. The library counter staff will however be ableto add and update the resources and the resource user within the system.  The system will provide current statusinformation about books or other items available in the library as well as theuser’s information. The system will be capable of managing bookissues, returns, and fines. For the staff we will also need database anddatabase management software.

This will be used to manage user accounts andthe management of books and items currently in the library including what booksand items are being borrowed. The system will allow the students to check andupdate personal details, as well as searching and reserving books and otheritems and checking their current loans and any outstanding fee. However, for academic staff, the way the systemhandles loans and fines differ from students. For the academic staff, their loan time is untilthe end of the academic year compared to the 21 days that is allowed forstudents, as well as being allowed to borrow up to 20 items rather than 10.     Data Stores: The library management system is used to track items owed, outstanding fees,payments paid, orders made, reservations and the person who borrows the items.The library management system uses a relational database software to store thedata about the library. The system separates software functions into distinctprograms called modules.

A library user and the item both have a unique ID inthe database which enables the library management system to identify the userand the item individually, which allows their status to be tracked.   Inputs:The input design of the system is the process ofconverting user oriented input to a computer based format. It will produceeffective method of input achieving the highest possible level of accuracy. Theinputs of the system will ensure that the input is acceptable to and understoodby the staff.

The goal of designing input data is to make entry easy, logicaland free from errors. The entering data entry operators need to know theallocated space of each field, field sequence and which must match what sourceof document. The format which data entry is fields are entered should be givenin the input form.

The input required is analysed by the processor. It iseither accepted or rejected. Input stages are as follows Data recording Data transcription Data conversion Data verification Data control Data transmission Data correctionThe aims of the system analyst must be to select datacapture method and devices, which reduce the number of stages so as to reduceboth the changes of errors and the cost. Input types can be characterized as External Internal Operational Computerized Interactive   Outputs:Outputs from computer systems are required primarilyto communicate the results of processing to users. They are also used toprovide a permanent copy of these result for latter consultation. Computeroutput of the most important and direct source of information to the users.

Designing computer output should proceed in an organized well throughout thesystem. The right output must be available for the people who find the systemeasy to use. The outputs have been defined during the logical design stage.

Ifnot, they should be defined at the beginning of the output designing terms ofthe types of output connect, format and response.The following are various types of output: External outputs Internal Outputs Operational outputs Interactive outputs Turn around outputs Non-functionalRequirements:The new library system will be fast and accurate inits performance. The system will be able to handle large amount of data. Itwill also accommodate high number of books and users without showing anyfaults. Also the new system will be able to handle expected and non-expectederrors in ways that prevent loss in information and long periods. To do this itwill have inbuilt error testing to identify invalid username or password.  


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