As Nadine looks away, “Not your concern”. Rafe

    As Captain Henry Avery’s ship burns around him, Jacob Slade has held a gunpoint, fighting for his life.  Across from Slade stands a small Mexican man, Rafe Sanchez. Rafe was a selfish treasure hunter who was desperate to make his own fortune in an attempt to be known for something other than his inheritance. “Hey Jake”, says Rafe Glaring at Slade. “Where’s Sam” shouted Slade angrily. “Oh”, Rafe chuckles, “He’s right there”. His brother, Sam, lied a few feet away from him, ensnared under a fallen support beam from the ship, half dead. “Sam!”, Slade replies in concern. “Relax”, said Rafe, “He’s alive, this idiot almost got us all killed you know!”. Slade looks at Sam then back at Rafe, “I’m getting him out of here”. Rafe laughs again, this time more sinisterly, “No– your not.” Slade begs, “Look, Rafe, you can have the treasure, all right? Just let me-,”  He coughs, as the smoke around him fills his lungs, “-let me save Sam. Please”. “After everything, he’s done to me…? How noble of you, but no” said Rafe. “We stay here any longer and were all dead. Is that what you want?”, called out Slade as more pieces of the ship fell around them in a smoldering heap. Rafe mutters at him, “That’s not what I said, What do you think Nadine?”. A slim, black woman walked out from a door on their left. Her name was Nadine Ross. Nadine was a South African mercenary later turned treasure hunter. She’s the former leader of the indigenous organization know as Breakpoint, who Rafe hired to aid him in his search for the mythical pirate treasure. The treasure was held in the Saint Marie, a pirate ship captained by Captain Henry Avery and his brother Ross. “Good to see you up and about! If you would be a dear and relive Jake thereof the gun?”, orders Rafe. Nadine appeared at Slade, “Hand it over”. Slade tried to reason with Nadine, “You really think you can trust him? Huh?”. Nadine looks away, “Not your concern”. Rafe fires him gun toward Slade, “Now, why are trying to instigate? Jake, Nadine and I are partners…I don’t screw over my own damn partners!”. Rafe waves his gun at Slade, “Get over there. You and your brother, though. Right from the start, you took advantage of my generosity. You tried to cut me out and it’s high time you learned–“. Rafe feels the cold metal of Nadine’s pistol on the back of his head. Rafe utters in shock, “What in the hell are you doing?”. “Shut the fuck up Rafe! You’ve treated me like horse shit for far too long, Now throw your gun over their”, asserts Nadine from behind Rafe. Rafe tosses in gun aside, “Nadine, you’re making a big mistake. You are being profoundly stupid right now.” “Turn around Rafe, slowly.”, she says as she loads her pistol. “Nadine stops screwing around”, said Rafe. “I said shut up!”, Nadine shoots Rafe in the arm. “Jesus!”, Rafe screams in agony as he starts to bleed out. “Look over there”, Nadine waves her gun at two dead pirates laying on the rotting planks of the vessel. “What? It’s just a couple of skeletons. So what?” ” I don’t know much about history as you two do”, Nadine tells the two, “but I’ve got a pretty good idea who they are.” “Why don’t you enlighten us as I bleed out”, cries out Rafe. “Its Avery and Ross”, say Slade astonished at what he was looking at, “They killed each other.” “Good for them! What’s the point?”, says Rafe. Nadine replies, “Everyone who is obsessed with this treasure…Gets what they deserve.” “So you think you can just leave us here! Leave me? To Die!”, yells Rafe. “Oh no I’ll just be leaving, is up to you two if you want to live.” “What about Sam?”, says Slade. “That’s none of my concern” mutters Nadine as she walks out and locks them in the ship’s hull behind her”. “Nadine!”, shouts Rafe desperately as he bangs on the door, “You open the Goddamn door right now!”, but Nadine had already left.


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