As individuals mature into young adults, it

As individuals mature into young adults, it isconspicuous that many begin to search determinately to obtain an occupation. Itis often discussed that when individuals gain a position, they have entered the”real world.” Obstacles are put in place every step of the way pertaining toone’s work and personal life. In today’s society, work-life balance can bechallenging due to the fast-paced world. After being a Resident Assistant, Ibelieve that I have sorted out the viable approaches to maintaining a positivework-life balance.

            To begin, as a young individual inthe workforce and educational system I believe that my utilization of planningahead and prioritization permits a positive work-life balance. Pertaining to myschoolwork and Resident Assistant responsibilities I have discerned that it is imperativeto write out an agenda of what I need to accomplish. Prioritizing each taskaccording to the due dates allows me to visualize what is urgent and establish timeframes for each assignment to prevent procrastination.

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Regarding my personallife, I set aside an hour Monday through Friday to relax and enjoy myself. Itis important to unwind during the weekdays to prevent stress. Additionally,Friday nights and Saturday nights are dedicated to my family members becausethey cannot see me during the weekdays. Maintaining a positive work-lifebalance ultimately boils down to time management.

One must be capable ofacknowledging when it is time to work and when it is time play or there will bea spillover of conflicts.             On the contrary, it is anindisputable fact that putting enormous pressure on myself to excel may lead toburnout. When being faced with burnout, I immediately permit myself to feel theemotional state that I am in.

Numbing myself from my emotions will only prolongthe burnout. To eliminate my burnout, I ask myself why I am experiencingburnout and ruminate three ways to eradicate the problem. Having individuals,such as family members and my Residence Hall Director, provide strategies aswell as lifting my spirits is a desideratum. Also, turning to my creative side,which is painting, allows me to take a step back and ease my mind. As aResident Assistant, it is important to not let my stress or exhaustion transferto residents. Being the leader of my community and lugging around negativeenergy can affect residents as they may feel uncomfortable approaching me.

Overall,maintaining a positive work-life balance is momentous as it pertains to thequality of my work and health, but with pacing myself and having the correctbalance I can avoid the difficulties and burnout that I may approach.             


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