As I could feel it in my legs,

As she lifted the gun to her chin I could feel it in my legs, sending a sharp pain through my bones. When she pulled the trigger the pain traveled straight to my head, as I could hear her pulse slowly going dead.

I walked down the long dark road I could hear her voice speaking in my ear,
guiding me down the street as if she was still here. As I glanced into the sky,
I could see her tears slowly falling until they splashed against my cheek, one
by one slowly dripping off my skin until it made its way to the cold hard
ground where she once laid. The road continued on for miles and the leafless
trees hung over my head as if they were barren since she passed. I turned to my
left and saw the exact spot where she ended it all.  As I stared at the empty space underneath the tree
where she once laid, I felt a cold breeze come over me and goosebumps rose up
on my arms. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up and I
suddenly had an uneasy feeling about it all.  Flashing back through my
head, I remembered the old black truck that rattled when it drove.  You could hear the gears when they changed and
the exhaust made it easy to hear the truck from a mile away. I glanced back at
the spot once more as I continued down the long dark road. I could hear the
sounds of sirens behind me, getting louder and louder with every step I took.
But when I turned around, there was nothing there. I closed my eyes and thought
that when I reopened them it would all disappear. Yet when I glanced back up I
saw the ambulance driving by me and quickly coming to a stop. When I looked to
my left I saw her lifeless body lying on the stretcher, slowly being covered up
with a black tarp as if it were all being played in slow motion. I looked at my
feet and continued walking, hoping the horrific memory would escape from my
brain. “BANG” I heard a gunshot that rattled my ears, but when I looked up I
realized it was only the sound of the gun replaying in my head. The sound of
the weapon that took my best friend away. The memories started to flow out of
my brain and my eyes started to water as I came to a stop, realizing that her
journey in the world was over.

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old bumpy road that I come across every once in a while is the road where my
aunt took her life. The road that set me on a path to a new beginning, the
journey that made me see the world differently, changing my outlook on life
itself. My aunt gaining her wings made me become the writer I am today.


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