As deal with the issue by investigating

As you see from  haruko obokata issue , she  is poorness andneeds the sense of ethics research , Manipulating the data and images fromother articles and experiments and used them in her articles is not acceptedbehavior from a scientist researcher. so people they have to be awareness on  ethics of research to avoid misconduct like ( fabrication,falsification, plagiarism) and  learn from this misconduct if occurs ,  and every one must be responsible of her / hisown research, and should be admission of  this scientific guilt , and gives apologistfrom this misconduct to give highest ethical standards.In my opinion maybe there’s many reasons that’s lead obokatato this level of misconduct . she has spent long hours in her experiment, growing, manipulating and testing cellsin  differents way, and she sense withevery hypothesis there’s a hunch in mind and he has strong sense about what sheexpected .

and she really want to prove that her sense or lunch  is right, that the money was invested into herwork was well spent, she want  to get ahead in competitive field, with theintense pressure. But she has got  her results and was surprised   that herresults are disappointing, And she need to do like something a littlecreatively. And when she get rid of the original data, But once she  startfiddling with the facts, it’s hard to stop.In part, that’s because she thought  howeasy it is to fool her  colleagues. Alsoshe  has enjoyed their admiration and shewant be have a chance to published her research ,Maybe this reasons pushesobokata to this misconduct. to Maintaining thehighest ethical standards they should investigate the research , and take it  seriously , so they did what they had to do toscientific misconduct ,As we can see what the journal did about obokata 2 papersafter scientific misconduct, they deal withthe issue by investigating the papers by themselves, nature journal wasprovided with details of ricken investigation . and evaluate whether theevidence available supports the main conclusions of the paper , And then decideto withdrawal 2 papers.

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