Application no petal discoloration followed by day 11

Application of 75% 1-MCP and 25% ChrysalCVBN performed best in all the parameters in extending postharvest longevity ofcutflower and extending the lifespan of chrysanthemum cut flower by 1.83 days inpetal wilting, 1.67 days in petal browning, 0.60 days of sepal browningcompared to using only tap water. On the other hand, effect of 75% 1-MCP and25% chrysal in Visual Quality Evaluation, increases the postharvest quality of chrysanthemumcut flower at day 1 to day 10 having a rating of 3.

73 which means full bloomwith no petal discoloration followed by day 11 to 14 having a rating of 3.63 to2.77, respectively, which means full bloom with no petal discoloration toslight petal discoloration and wilting compared to tap water which reached thescale of 2.57 in 11 days with high level of petal wilting and moderate petaldiscoloration.

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However, using 4tbs. mollasses+1L pure vinegar reduces the lifespanof cut flower by 1.53 days in terms of petal wilting, 5.30 days in sepalbrowning, 4.

30 days in petal browning and 3.30 days in peduncle bending and as earlyas 10 days with a rating of 1.77 with high level of petal wilting and moderatepetal discoloration. It has been reported that the vaselife of various cut flowerssuch as Carnation, Matthiola,Consolida, Chrysanthemum, Zingiber,Anthirrinum and Delphinium, can be extended byexposure to 1–MCP (Serek et al., 1995; Sisler et al.

, 1996; Ichimura et al.,2002; Hassan and Gerzson, 2002) to maintain the quality and improve the vaselifeof cut flower chrysanthemum (Wiegel, 2012).   17 VaselifeEvaluation of Chrysanthemum Cut Flower           As presented in theTable 2, 75% 1-MCP and 25% chrysal had the highest number of days at 7.73 days,and extended the vaselife of cut flower chrysanthemum by 1.

83 days longer thanusing tap water by 5.90 days. However, 4tbs. molasses and 1L vinegar reduces thepetal wilting by 1.53 days compare to tap water. This means that 75% 1-MCP and25% Chrysal is effective in extending the lifespan of chrysanthemum cutflower comparedto using only tap water.

As stated by Gerzson (2002), 1-MCP can retain thefreshness and restrain the aging of cut flower and Chrysal which serve asconditioner, food and can maintain the quality of flower and prevent petals from wilting (Nabigol,2005). 


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