Anthony The Age of Louis XIV and the

       Anthony Bermeo                     1-19-18 Period 8Voltaire’s Life François-Marie Arouet was a French philosopher and writer of Age of Enlightenment. Voltaire would establish himself as one the leading writers of the Enlightenment. Voltaire was born in Paris, France on November 21 1694. When Voltaire was only 7 years old his mother passed away which made him come closer to his free-thinking godfather. She was a very strong woman who went through a lot of pain and suffering but did prove capable of over passing all that. Voltaire went to School Collége Louis-le-Grand in 1704(Biography, 2017) where he received a classical education which was Jesuit. This is where he would win many academic prizes. He would also receive a sound liberal education which enhanced his ability as a writer and trained his critical sense. Theatrical training was also in his training. His father insisted and believed that his son should keep on studying study law but Voltaire had a vision of himself becoming a great poet. Voltaire was elated when his godfather the sophisticated Abbé de Châteauneuf, introduced him into the daringly liberal society of the Temple. To Voltaire the Temple was a society of “Princes and Poets”(CliffNotes Francois Voltaire Biography , 2016). At some point Voltaire was a tragic poet. But his godfather was there to support him. He began showing promise as a writer. Abbé de Châteauneuf was Voltaire’s godfather which actually taught him to recite lines from the satirical and shocking poem Moïsade. He would have multiple pieces that became famous for example, the tragic play Zaïre, the historical study The Age of Louis XIV and the satirical novella Candide(Halsall, 1998). Facing the odds with the French authorities over his politically charged work, he was once imprisoned two times and spent many years in exile. He would later on die coming back from France in 1778. Viewing into Voltaire’s one of many books he has came out with many throughout his years. This one in particular is based on letters to the English about his own experiences living in England between 1726 and 1729. Gamifying his life would be interesting and something cool to see because now looking into his life, it was pretty crazy. Voltaire’s had a successful professional life. Voltaire body of writing also includes the notable historical works The Age of Louis XIV (1751) and Essay on the Customs and the Spirit of the Nations (1756) (Hewett, 2006). In the latter, Voltaire took a unique approach to tracing the progression of world civilization by focusing on social history and the arts. In 1952, researcher and writer Theodore Besterman established a museum devoted to Voltaire in Geneva. He later set about writing a biography of his favorite subject, and following his death in 1976. This gets to show that Voltaire was a respected man and people actually looked up to him. Voltaire had a career that would stretch out to 60 years. He wrote many influential poems, essays, and books and  famous pieces including letters to the English. It was a series of articles and information to read about. The articles were long and were written in detail which to me can be considered pretty boring, so I will providing some interesting information about Voltaire. It was rumored that Voltaire would drink up to 40 cups of coffee in a day which may explain why there would be days when he worked up to 18 hours a day writing.Voltaire did become hugely wealthy by exploiting a flaw in the French lottery, which at the end of the day is a very bad thing. The setting for a game based on Voltaire would have to be a background that would be common around his time. The main character is obviously Voltaire and it would also be interesting because many things have happened in his life which were both crazy and successful. There could be a couple more players in the game like a brother or sister or even mom or dad but you will have to wait and see. You could get points by collecting books which are coins in the game and you would have to get through the obstacles in the game which refers back to Voltaire’s life because let us be honest he had both positives and negatives in his life. The more the points the better because your score will keep on increasing and you could compare it to other players. The obstacles will count as a negative person in Voltaire’s life so it would be an enemy in the game so hit it and you will lose a life. When you reach 10 coins you will gain a live so that is a little bonus to help you out in the later parts of the game. Once you have collected all coins in the game you will unlock a chest with all the information you will ever need to become a great poet and the game will be won but of course you would have to get through the many obstacles and objectives to get the chest to unlock in the first place. All these things can either make you lose a life or gain you points/score or make you reset to the beginning of the level which will just makes things harder on yourself but you chose the way to play the game. My game concept should be made because it would be unique and before this I would of never even thought of playing a game that is based around Voltaire. I feel that if I get the time I could spice it up and come up with something creative at least and it would make the game interesting.  


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