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Andrew Jackson, theseventh president of the United states, was born on March15, 1767, in the Waxhaw settlement on the western frontierof South Carolina. Jackson was orphaned at the age of 14and was brought up by his uncle. Jackson was born into apoor family. When his parents died, he went to live with hisUncle, who was a wealthy slave and land owner. As a result,Jackson moved among wealthy people and propertyowners, who monopolized the prestige and political influencein the back country. So now he could see what the differentlives between the rich and the poor, he became reallypopular by the common people and also was consideredpart of the political movement and he led what was know asthe Jacksonian Democracy.

He could see that the wealthywere huge land owners or industrialized families, and thepoor families were small farmers. Jackson was the type whowanted the land to be all American. Dealing with the NativeAmerican policy, he forcibly removed southern tribes fromlands guaranteed then by federal treaties and the UnitedStates Supreme Court decisions. Doing this gave him greatpower and led the United States to a bigger nation, but whatdoes that say about the United States words.

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Because ofthem, the Indians could not trust them any more. Jacksonwas also against slavery. Even Modern historians observethat Jackson was a large slave owner and that his party wasthe enemy of free blacks and their rights. He was so againstAfrican Americans, they denied anti-slavery pamphlets in theUnited States Postal Service. I think the reason that he likedslavery so much was because that his Uncle was a largeslave owner and he found that they are very useful and couldhelp make money a whole lot faster and cheaper then regularlabor. If Jackson was against slavery, I feel that the Slaveryissue would have ended a lot faster then it did in theAmerican History. Jackson did do a lot for the country andalso made the common people feel like they have a place intoday society. If it was just rich people running the country,the rich people would do just what was good for them andnot for everyone.

That way, the poor people have a chancein the society that was so hard to control. Slavery was notcooled down during his presidency, but it did not get worseat least. Jackson showed a strong presidency during his termand lead America in a good direction to follow.

SometimesAmerica needs a change in Rich vs Poor presidents.Bibliography 1)Future Vision Multimedia Infopedia 1)TheInternet 3)New Multimedia EncyclopediaHistory


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