Andrew system showed how cold-hearted he was and

Andrew Jackson was born in Waxhaws, North Carolina, in 1767. He was an American soldier and statesman, and also elected as the seventh president of the United States in 1829. Although great things came out of his presidency, many view Jackson as a villain because of the many despicable actions he made involving the Spoils System, Indian Removal Act, and the Nullification Crisis. Jackson is a villain because he practiced the spoils system. The spoils system is the practice of a successful political party giving the public office to its supporters. He believed that there were too many upper-class aristocratic politicians that were out of touch with the public, so he got rid of many of his federal employees and gave their jobs to true Jacksonians and his friends to strengthen party loyalty. He controlled the Jacksonians and his friends and made them do whatever he wanted. If they did not follow his orders, they would be replaced or fired. The spoils system showed how cold-hearted he was and how he didn’t care about anyone, including his own friends. Jackson is a villain because he created the Indian Removal Act, which was a law, enacted in 1830, that forced all Native Americans to move to lands in the West. As the United States was rapidly growing, white settlers were transitioning to the South, but the “five civilized tribes” were living on that land. Many white planters and miners wished for that area, so Jackson believed the only solution was to remove the tribes from their property. There was significant resistance from the Indian tribes, and they all worked together to stop the removal, but they were unsuccessful. They all ended up Oklahoma. This act led to the migration of over sixty thousand Native Americans, including the journey on the Trail of Tears. Jackson’s adopted son, Lyncoya, was a Creek Indian orphan, so why would Jackson make war on the Native tribes and be instrumental in their removal if his own son was a Creek Indian orphan?Jackson is a villain because of the Nullification Crisis. The Nullification Crisis is each sovereign state has the right to reject a federal law that is considered unconstitutional. The crisis started when Congress passed a bill raising tariffs. The Northern states decided to raise the price of their goods, which did not go well with the South, especially South Carolina. Jackson agreed to lower the tariffs, but the southern states were still not satisfied. The supporters of states’ right, led by John Calhoun, threatened to split from the North, but Jackson threatened back. Jackson had no problem threatening his vice-president and others. He said he would bring troops and hang anyone who didn’t pay the tariffs. South Carolina eventually backed down, but this whole issue led to the Civil War. Jackson did not play by the rules; he forced innocent Native Americans off their land, threatened people in South Carolina, and controlled people. He had a short temper and an aggressive personality.. He made poor decisions and did terrible things. All that he has done during the presidency was to benefit himself, and not others, which does not qualify as a good president.


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