An Bitcointalk and a Twitter username will usually

An Airdrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrency. They allow to advertise to the company that manages the project. They cost you nothing and can pay big!But some have more demanding participation requirements than others. A re-tweet, how to publish, join the Telegram channel, a minimum Bitcointalk rank, etc. can be requested. Instructions are usually indicated in the registration form.

Rest assured, we make sure not to share Airdrop with unfair participation conditions.Two types of airdrops: -By registration: Simply register on the site that offers airdrop and validate your email address (as an e-commerce site). Tokens will be available on your new account. Once you have completed the ICO, you can send them to your wallet or an exchange. Note that this type of airdrop is often more serious than the others.

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-Distribution on the Wallet: This time, the tokens will be sent directly to your wallet. An email address, your ether address, a Telegram username and / or Bitcointalk and a Twitter username will usually be requested via an online form.Airdrop Objective: participate in a maximum of airdrops. The majority of them give each participant the equivalent of $ 5 to $ 20 in tokens.

The accumulated is therefore a good strategy to build or increase the capital in cryptocurrency. (Some airdrops like eBTC have earned up to $ 1700)To succeed, you will need some tools:A MyEtherWallet wallet that will allow you to receive all type ERC20 tokens (under Ethereum). A Bitcointalk account. (The higher your rank will be, the more you will earn on some airdrop)A Telegram account. (only on smartphone)A Twitter & Facebook account.

What to do with the tokens?Once your tokens received you will have to wait for the listing on at least one exchange to be able to sell them.In order to have a follow up of published airdrops, you have to set up an online spreadsheet that is regularly updated. This will allow you to have an overview on all airdrops, registration links, links to exchanges .You are now ready to participate in as many airdrops as you can!


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