Most people dream of living a regular, normal everyday life and watching their children
grow up and have families of their own, but for some people these dreams and all their
memories from their past can be erased and lost in an ageless disease that affects more
then four million Americans today. Alzheimers Disease is a progressive disease that varies
from person to person and robs its victims of their past and future. Alzheimers Disease is
known as the Great Eraser and turns everyday normal people into helpless and lifeless
individuals who are left being cared for by a caregiver such as family or friends because
they are unable to take care of themselves. Not only does this disease affect the person
who has the disease but also takes a great toll on the family members who have to live
with the victims. Alzheimers leaves family members feeling helpless, sad, confused and
angry because they feel that there is more that they could do or that they could have done
with them in the past when they were more healthier and were able to do more things.

Today more then 100,000 Americans die each year from Alzheimers Disease. The number
of deaths keep rising and this is leaving families of the victims looking for answers to
questions that not even scientists or doctors can figure out about the disease, like why this
disease is caused and how this disease can be cured.

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Alzheimers Disease is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that destroys
mental and physical functioning in human beings and eventually leads to death, not
because of the disease itself but because the disease eventually causes the body to
shutdown the parts a body needs to keep a person alive. Alzheimers Disease is the fourth
leading cause of deaths in adults. Alzheimers Disease is a neurological disease that takes
away a persons memory of their past and future. Alzheimers Disease eventually causes a
person to not be able to take care of themselves anymore. The people who develop
Alzheimers Disease often experience a wide variety and mixture of emotions, they are
usually confused, frustrated, angry, scared and feel depression. The victims feel this way
because they lose their social and interest abilities that interfere with everyday functions.

Alzheimers Disease worsens with the advancing of age, although there is no
evidence that it is caused by the aging process. The average life expectancy of a person
who has Alzheimers Disease is anywhere from five to ten years, but some patients today
can live up to fifteen years due to the improvements of modern technology and
medications. The cause of Alzheimers Disease is still today not known and has not yet
been discovered by scientist or doctors. Alzheimers Disease also can not be absolutely
confirmed in the human body until an autopsy has been done and the brain cells have been
examined thoroughly and completely. Although there is no cure or no way to prevent
Alzheimers Disease, researchers have made great progress in the last five years or so.



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