Although today too I tended to always do

Although the law states a person 18 and older are considered adults I tend to think that adulthood starts when the teen matures at his/her own individual pace. No age can just make a teen truly an adult. When a teen becomes an adult that means that the teen has completely transformed themselves into a developed grown up.

One event that turns a teenager into an adult is learning to do something without being told to do that specific thing. Another part that goes along with this not doing it for the fortune of your well being but for others. One example is when noticing that the dishes aren’t done and you have time to do them but you know someone else like your parents or siblings will do it. I have been in this same situation and majority of the times I chose to make my family’s life more difficult by not taking ten to fifteen minutes of my time eo help my family out. There were however some other times when I chose to do the dishes but not in the desire of helping my family; instead I was only helping myself because I made it look like I always helped around. Another event that turns a teen into a adult is learning how to manage your priorities.

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When I was younger and even today too I tended to always do the fun things first and leave the boring things last like homework and studying for tests. I thought that the point of doing something boring is a waste of time and useless for the distant futures. I then realized that the more homework I started to do actually somewhat related to my life currently. Now sometimes I My last event that transforms a teen into a adult involves overcoming peer pressure.

In my teen years many people do bad stuff like cheating, drugs, sex and etc  to supposedly “fit in”.  I feel that once overcoming peer pressure one becomes their own adult and has their own personal voiceI will be an adult when I am able to make the right decisions determined by my morals that I have attained over my life, when I understand the consequences of my doings, when I am unable to do something by self or accept little help from parents or friends, and when I care not only for myself but others. The closer I get the more scared I become because I really like how my life is right now. Now I’m in no rush to become an adult. I will take advantage of my parent’s guidance and rules for as long as I can. I will enjoy the place I am in and embrace my life when I am an adult. Moving into adulthood will start out difficult because you have to basically teach yourself how to become an adult.

If you don’t know how to do your own laundry, which most of us still don’t, then you have to teach yourself. All of these things that categorize us as an adult are just crap because there is no real age that says that you can take care of yourself, only you can be the judge of that. Trying to be an adult is very difficult and I am not quite sure when I will be ready to “adult” but I know it isn’t now and I really don’t consider myself an adult and I think that no one will ever be ready to dive into the trap that is adulthood. As I had said earlier adulthood is not actually determined by how old one is but rather how oldness is described through .

No age can just make a teen truly an adult. When a teen becomes an adult that means that the teen has completely transformed themselves into a developed grown up.


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