All of slash and burn technique and cattle

All over the worldtoday, it is noticeable by many that the problem of deforestation has drasticallyarisen. Deforestation means the chopping down of trees in a large area, or thedemolition of forests by people for another purposes.

Deforestation is becauseof agricultural activities as well as economic and social growth and can givecatastrophic impacts to the soil and climate. So this essay is going to discussthe factors and impacts of deforestation.Firstly, the cause of deforestation is agricultureespecially in terms of slash and burn technique and cattle ranching. Somepeople use slash and burn technique, in which they use fire to clear the forestbefore converting it to agricultural land. The newly cleared land provides alayer of ash, which is actually very rich in nutrient to help for the growth ofcrops.

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However, these lands cannot be used in a long-term because the soil willeventually wear out of nutrients. When the soil is infertile, the farmers willburn another forest and grow their crops, and this process will always berepeated. This method can lead to deforestation as many forests are being burntyear by year for agriculture. In addition to that, cattle ranching are alsomajor cause of deforestation especially in Central and South America. In theold days, cattle ranching were mostly done in dry forest and savannah that isfar away from the equator.

However, ranchers nowadays will prefer moisttropical rainforest. This activity actually covers large area of forests. Thecattlemen can buy and clear the land on their own or buy cleared lands fortheir cattle to live in. The cycle will be repeated, as they will appoint thecleared land to other farmers and clear more forests. According to McLeish(2007), in Central America alone, the area of lands that have been convertedinto pasture has increased from 3.9 million hectares to 13.

4 million hectares.From these two examples provided, it is shown that human activities to developagriculture causes deforestation. If these activities are not controlled, wemight not have any forests on earth one day.


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