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Ali NowickiProfessor MoldehauerComp and Rhet12-12-2017Kohl’s Advertisement Kohls is known to be the “leading family-focused, value oriented, specialty department store offering quality exclusive and national brand merchandise to the customer in an environment that is convenient, friendly and exciting”(Nasdaq). Using Jib Fowles, Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals to examine how the Kohl’s advertisement attempts to move consumers such as women, into acquiring products. Kohl’s is recognized for providing a low cost structure by applying a concept of centralized buying, distribution, and advertising, which enables the retailer to pass on the savings to the consumer(Kohls). Shopping with Kohl’s makes customers feel as though they are winning with the deals Kohl’s sends out weekly, the customers are saving money. Kohl’s target marketing strategy focuses on middle-class women ages 25-45 who shop for their families and enjoy deals and rewards, such as Kohl’s Cash, and Kohl’s Charge Offer. Kohl’s Cash is a promotion offered at Kohl’s (Kohl’s). You can earn Kohl’s Cash by spending money at Kohl’s during promotional periods. Customers can earn a various amount of Kohl’s Cash for spending predetermined amounts on Kohl’s merchandise. Kohl’s Cash can then be used to purchase other items from Kohl’s after a certain date (Kohls). Kohls Cash helps patrons save money on specific items, and still have them feeling like they are getting something for nothing. Kohls Cash is a great way to keep customers coming back for more. This is a great marketing strategy for Kohls as historically, customers always spend more than their Kohl’s Cash is worth. Kohls does this with their advertisements by promoting different sales on specific items. Kohl’s Charge Card, can be obtained online or in-store. There’s no annual fee, it provides cardholders with a number of discounts at Kohl’s throughout the year, and those who spend more will get even more discounts. (Kohls). Kohl’s suggests customers apply for a charge card in store to save an additional percent off ranging from 15-30% your first purchase. Kohl’s to incent the customer to buy more. Along with using a charge card it is a great way to ensure customers keep coming back for more. Kohl’s also achieves more charge card applicants by promoting the Kohl’s charge card in their weekly advertisements to residents and or charge card customers.Switching gears back to ad itself, the ad is promoting a holiday sale that lasts from December 10th-18th. Since the theme is holiday shopping Kohl’s used a bright red to emphasize holiday cheer. A woman around the age 25 appears smiling holding christmas presents. The main focus of the ad is the promotional offers, the ad shows a coupon for $10 dollars off of fine and silver jewelry purchase of $50 dollars or more. Underneath the coupon appears a kohls charge offer of a ‘Peel to Reveal’ for 15-30% off your best purchase. For the gift of joy Kohl’s then gives the patrons a $10 dollar Kohl’s Cash card for every $50 dollar spent. In the top right hand corner is the Kohl’s logo with the ‘O’ being a bow. In the Job Fowles Advertising’s fifteen Basic Appeals, some common ingredients of advertisements thinking they reasons as above when compared to the Fowles appeals, it makes the consumers feel safe knowing they are not breaking the bank but By Kohl’s offering sales, special savings for Kohl’s charge holders, and providing Kohl’s cash, consumers will continue to appreciate the savings they receive from the retailer. Continuing to access, advertisement strategies such as social media, and through mail. Kohl’s will continue to grow as one of the top retailers in the country. Kohl’s, is where shopping acts as a pleasure instead of a burden with the winning deals Kohl’s sends out weekly, the customers are saving money now more than ever. Works CitedFowles, Jib. “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals.” Class Handout Eng III. Rmu Winter 2017. McLeod.S. “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” Simple Psychology, 2017, / Accessed 30 Nov. 2017. “Kohl’s: A Retailer with Sound Management.”, 9 Mar. 2013, Clothing, Shoes, Home, Kitchen, Bedding, Toys & More.” Kohl’s. December 12,


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