Alaska the stressful times that are my life.

Alaska to me is a place where I can be free from school work and the stressful times that are my life. It is an escape to the wilderness where my problems don’t exist, where I can get lost in the beautiful untamed landscape and just be in a constant state of bliss. I will have my wonderful, beautiful, smart, and amazing aunt and my all-loving perfect mother who never gets a break to guide me on this journey. The 49th state is one of the few remaining places in America that has not been devastated by humankind. Its tall snow-covered mountain peaks, rugged woods with clean clear water is what I live for, open skies and fresh air that isn’t tainted by city stink. The Aurora Borealis that glows with so many colors that it takes my breath away. The millions of stars that we can gaze upon. I want the bone-chilling wind to whip through my hair. I want to feel the cold water wind through my toes. I want to breathe the fresh air and listen to the sound of silence. I want to be Alaska bound. This nature state has many places to enjoy. Amongst the many parks close to Anchorage is a park called Kincaid park and it’s approximately 1500 acres. Some say it’s a great place to see Moose, Bear, and Porcupine in the summer. Fires of any kind are not allowed in the park borders but camping is. Maybe all three of us can camp for a couple of days? Another thing about the wildlife, they love the city almost as much as we do. Moose have been spotted walking down the streets or just laying on the sidewalks. Some people have found bears in their backyards. You have to stay alert when you leave the safety of your home. Even though Moose walk around on the street it is best not to approach because they might strike you and that would not be pleasant. I don’t want to go to Alaska to see the city or walk downtown. I want to go to see nature. Here in Texas i’ve experienced it all. I’ve been to the desert and the scraggly woods which is basically just a whole bunch of dried brush. Alaska has what I need. It has the ruralness that I want. When I move to Alaska I want to live in the country of it, Where my nearest neighbor is a long mile away. Where I can have my five dogs and live in peace. In the famous book series The Heroes of Olympus  By: Rick Riordan (Spoilers ahead) Percy Jackson, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhong travel to Alaska to free the chained god Thanatos. The war god Aries came to camp Jupiter in California and told Percy and his gang of hooligans a prophecy ” Go to Alaska. Find Thanatos and free him. Come back by sundown on June twenty-fourth or die.”. This sent them on their journey which the goddess Hera was the mastermind behind.  When the group got to Alaska they understood why the greek gods and goddesses had no power there. They saw how wild and untameable the land was, how mother earth (Gaea) was using it as one of her bases. The giant Alcyoneus was holding Thanatos on Hubbard Glacier and only frank could free him with his piece of tinder that controlled his life. When I was reading this I wanted to know what they were seeing at this moment. I want to go see Hubbard glacier in its grandeur and stand where they stood when they were stopping the forces of evil.  I want to go to the “land beyond the gods”. You and I made a deal and I didn’t meet my goals. I did try my hardest and I know that that wasn’t enough. I need to give it my all if I want to get what I want. I can’t just expect things to fall into my lap. I need to work for them. My physics class is that was my downfall. I hate physics, I think it is pointless and stupid and should not belong on this planet, but I will work on those pointless skills if it means I can go to Alaska to fulfill my dreams. Hopefully this essay was enough to get all three of us to Alaska. You can’t get (image above) that in Texas.


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