Al Capone was born in Brooklyn New York, 1899, and died in 1947.

He was the most famous and powerful gangster in the U.S. history.

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Capone had worked for a racketeer. In 1920 he built a criminal empire in Chicago. That became the model of present day organized crime operations. A series of gangland shootings soon left the violent and clever Capone in control of much of the citys large-scale criminal activity. Capone was known as Scarface because his left cheek had been slashed in a fight.

Capone was treated as a celebrity; he rode in armored limousines to sports and arenas to entertain his guests. (1999 World Book computer encyclopedia) About 1920, Capone joined Torrio in Chicago where he had become an influential lieutenant in the Colosimo mob. The rackets spawned by enactment of the Prohibition Amendment, illegal brewing, distilling and distribution of beer and liquor. In 1925, Capone became boss when Torrio was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt. Capone had built a fearsome reputation in the ruthless gang rivalries.

That reputation grew as rival gangs were eliminated or nullified, and the suburb of Cicero became, in effect, a fiefdom of the Capone mob. (


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