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After John F. Kennedy’s assassination, LBJ took action in the war against poverty and was determined to accomplish a Great Society in America. The Great Society’s main purpose was to eliminate racial discrimination and poverty in the United States. LBJ delivered a speech called “War on Poverty” when a percentage of Americans were in need of vital products to survive.

The percentage of Americans in poverty during LBJ’s presidency was 19 percent. This determined him to get rid of poverty overall. He said that as a wealthy nation, America can afford to win this war. He was a president that kept his promise when it came to civil rights and poverty. LBJ called the Great Society an “unconditional war on poverty”. This unconditional battle with poverty is what led Lyndon B. Johnson to create the Great Society and to improve the United States, which is what made him an effective and memorable president.In LBJ’s Presidential Campaigns, he explains his vision for American and his goals he wanted to accomplish to improve the American society.

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He wanted the wealthiest country to win this war against poverty. Poverty was seen as an enemy to him. He had experiences and a past with poverty growing up. A personal connection with poverty was built throughout his childhood.

His father had failed as a businessman and LBJ lived in fear that his house would be taken away by the government when he was younger. There was usually no food in his house and neighbors would bring food. This encouraged him to end poverty. He also wanted to improve schools along with the education that was being taught to generations to come. He said he wanted an America, “where no child will go unfed and no youngster will go unschooled; where every child has a good teacher and every teacher has good pay, and both have good classrooms; where every human being has dignity and every worker has a job….

” The Elementary and Secondary Education Act gave children who lived in ghettos a chance at an adequate education. This gave children, no matter where they lived, an equal opportunity at a good education. This shows how LBJ’s childhood impacted him as a president because he wanted to give children an economically stable life with a good education that he did not get to live growing up. During LBJ’s presidency, he accomplished many goals that involved improving education through the Great Society. The Great Society was many programs that attempted to end poverty. Along with these programs were acts that impacted America.Building a Great Society was vital to LBJ.

When he became president, it was one of his first goals, and he wanted the Nation “to build a great society, a place where the meaning of man’s life matches the marvels of man’s labor”. LBJ signed a poverty bill in 1964 called the Economic Opportunity Act. The objective of the bill was to improve education, help the elderly health wise and financially, and to ultimately eliminate poverty. The Office of Economic Opportunity was created because of the Economic Opportunity Act. It helped people who had less become active members of society through education and job training.

The Civil Rights Act was also a major part of the Great Society. Even though LBG was a Southern politician who grew up as a “good o’l boy”, he gained sympathy for African Americans during the civil rights movement. The Civil Rights Act attempted to ensure equal rights on minority groups. It ended segregation in public places and affected businesses because a company was not able to not employ someone based off of their race or background.

It also gave the right to vote no matter what race a man was. LBJ’s ideology on how to improve America through the Great Society is what made him a powerful and significant president. He shaped parts of America when it came to racial issues and people living in poverty. His war to end poverty and the Great Society improved and impacted America today because Americans still use and go by the programs created through the Great Society. LBJ should be remembered as a president that put attempted to but an end to racial discrimination.

He helped African Americans a lot through a time when they were seen not superior compared to white people. LBJ was a strong and determined president who did as much as he could to end poverty, but he did create the Great Society which had many accomplishments.


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