According The chili peppers are widely used

Accordingto Vilma Yamashita, Lumpia is a popular appetizer that is a variation of theChinese eggroll. It is a finger food that was most likely introduced to Guam byFilipino migrant worker. From China came the eggroll and from the Philippinescame the adaption of the roll called Lumpia.     Lumpia consists of a thin rice or wheatflour wrapper filled with a mixture of meat (most often ground pork or groundbeef), cabbage, carrots, onions, and garlic. An egg wash is used to seal thelumpia wrapper to ensure none of the filling escapes when it is deep fried. Asweet and sour sauce or vinegar- based may be used as a dipping sauce.

(Guampedia, 2014)     Herrings (Don pilas /Tamban) are foragefish, mostly belonging to the family clupeidae. They often move in largeschools around fishing banks and near the coast. The most abundant andcommercially important species belong to the genus clupea, found particularlyin shallow, temperate waters. (Wik.2016)     Chili peppers originated in Mexico. Afterthe Columbian exchange, many cultivators of chili pepper spread across theworld, used for both food and traditional medicine.

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The chili peppers arewidely used in many cuisines to add spiciness to dishes.     Since Herrings are not yet implemented as afilling to Lumpia, the student-entrepreneurs come to think of it, as a cheapand nutritious filling. And because Filipinos are fond of eating spicy foods.Fish Dynamite Lumpia became the result of their brain storming.     Fish Dynamite is highly innovated unlikethe other lumpia existed which is pork, beef, and dry TVP flakes inside. Insteadof chopping the chili pepper, its seeds will just be removed and replaced withthe cutted and flavored herrings and will be rolled in the lumpia wrapper.

Theflavored herrings will compliment with the chili peppers spiciness.     The idea of developing fish dynamite is tocome up with the uniqueness of the product when it comes to their filling whichare fish (herrings) and green chili pepper. The shape of the dish resemblesdynamite- that is why it was called as such. Fish (herrings) and chili peppercould give nutritional benefits that could help the human body to avoid cancer,heart disease and maintain healthy digestive system.     The business was conducted to produce a newversion of the product and to give a new twist. And it is called as fishdynamite lumpia.



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