According cancer… I have had a very good

                According to the Cenus Bureau says that there are 46,995,000
people in the United States that are not covered by health insurance. Hello, my
name is Brendan Carty I’m a sophomore at Medina Valley High School. If I had
the chance to sit down with a legislator I would ask them about health care,
why is health care so expensive, personal experience with the disease cancer,
and could there be a better health care option for the United States.

is health care so expensive? According to eHealthInsurance for unsubsided
customers in 2016, “premiums for individual coverage averaged 321 dollars per
month while premiums for family plans averaged 833 dollars per month. The
average annual deductible for individual plans was 4,358 dollars, and family
was 7,983 dollars.” There are many other plans that cost way more than just
these , this was just in 2016 imagine what the cost is now. The real question
is where does our money really go?

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The health care system has gone up in cost
by 29% in the last year according to eHealthInsurance.

disease we call cancer… I have had a very good personal experience with the
disease. My  mom had brain cancer (
glioblastoma multiforme stage four). She was diagnosed in 2008 with life
expectancy one to three years. She had her surgery March 31st, 2009
and they found out her tumor was the size of a small Texas grapefruit. She is
still alive and well today, they call her a “walking miracle”. Also, my dad was
diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004. After 11 years of hard fighting, he sadly
passed in late 2016. The health care system hit me and my family hard. With a
better health care system, could it save more people with different diseases?

there a better health care option for the United States? Canada, is a country
where they pay health care for their citizens. That means that they pay more in
taxes, but is it really worth it? There are many pros and cons about this idea,
but what is really the best solution. There are questions that haven’t been
answered for the United States.

conclusion, there are many unanswered questions about the health care system,
which I would like to know. With all the expenses, diseases,  and other ideas on the health care system.
What will the United States next step be?


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