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Abrahams’ Mine Boy, a South African novel written during the era of the oppressive system used by the colonizers. It is a novel of violence, segregation and discrimination along class lines. Mine Boy depicts the South African way of life during the presidency of the national government of the white men. Mine Boy is a socio-economic and political novel. It discusses the life inside the mines, how workers are ill-treated under the authority of the white manager’s, until the communist party comes.
The Apartheid system created a social Alienation causing a low degree of social interaction which led to the division of society into different social classes. This creates conflicts between individuals and group of people in a country or in workplace. Alienation is a socio-economic, political and cultural concept developed by many theorists. The term alienation has been used over the years in different ways. The relationship between alienation and social order has been descried. Marx believed that alienation is a result of capitalism; exploitation of men by men. His theory of alienation is based on their observation of social system under capitalism. Workers lose their self-determination and never become autonomous, self-confident except when the white want the worker to be realized.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
     Alienation can be resulted from the social ignoring of individuals in their societies. In South Africa, intellectuals suffered a lot from alienation. Although they were educated, they cannot classify themselves in a social class. They were considered as the primitive people in term of class. For example, in Mine Boy characters such as: the doctor and the teacher Eliza suffer from alienation they are struggling to improve their status in society.
Abrahams’ novel is known the changing of political system. It is about an African Xuma who comes to Johannesburg from a country side in order to find a job to improve his living conditions. He is one victim of the war which During the war which took place in the nineteen century, a war that destroyed South African and took their political freedom from them. Xuma falls in love with Eliza, as Abrahams says in his book :
It was the story of the Zulu wars, and again the impis were ready to charge the white man who would steal their lands .And many died, but many more come forward to fight. But at the end they were beaten and the land taken from them for the white man was stronger .And the sorrow in Xuma’s heart was great because they had lost the fight and it showed in his eyes.
The character of Xuma who comes with his romantic pure soul. He sees the white man as his enemy. Later on, he discovers that even the white man is a victim of the Apartheid .Abrahams demonstrates the consequences of the South African way of life in the city throughout Xuma, and the impression he has about the life in the city and people he meets. Xuma says that he comes from rural areas due to the degradation of farms. So, there was no work in his town Most of the Southern Africans territories are stolen by the white men, and the Africans are driven away like what happened to Xuma, unfortunately he is  looking for a work in mines.
The black doctor Mini experiences the same level of racism as the mine workers. He does not know why he is treated in such way. Even though he is an educated man, he cannot have a place among class of intellectuals within society. He studies to be a doctor, he tries to get as high education as the white, and he wants to be equal with the capitalist people in term of social status. But later on, he discovers that whatever he does, the whites will never consider the blacks sharing the same equality with them. As Mini says:” It is not like the  white people’s place. Just a comfortable place. You are not coping the white man when you live in a place like this .This is the sort of place a man should live in because it is good for him. Whether he is white or blacks does not matter. A place like this is good for him .It is the other places that are the white people’s .The places they make you live in.”Due to the relationship between Paddy and Xuma, people free themselves from their colour.
Eliza is a black lady whose dream is to live as the whites. She is in love with Xuma, she does not  except to marry him because  she wants  luxuries, the money and the white men way of life. Although she is a teacher and an educated woman, but she suffers from racism and apartheid system due to her black skin. Eliza smokes cigarette imitating the white women as Leah tells  Xuma:”that one likes you but she is a fool. It is going to school, she likes you but wants one who read books and dresses like the white folks and speaks the language of the whites and wears the little bit of cloth they call a tie.”
Eliza wants to behave like the whites but she could not be recognized as an intellectual woman :”Inside me there is something wrong. And it is because I want the things of white people. I want to be like the white people and go where they go and do the things they do and I’m black. I cannot help it. Inside I’ am not black and I do not want to be a black person. I want to be like they are. You understand, Xuma. It is no good but I cannot help it.”
Eliza experiences the injustice of the Apartheid system and the national government’s way of ruling where she receives a high education to gain things like wine, books, music and luxuries. Due to her skin color, she is denied. She cannot have a right to belong to the intellectual category. Eliza is a character who represents the South African people who are confused between the Western and their local culture. That’s why Peter Abrahams shows his sympathies with Eliza. Abraham focuses on illuminating the position of the African intellectual elite, who are isolated by the white authority and civilization brought by Western nations. African intellectual elites have been alienated by Westerns’ sophisticated way of life after leaving their simple life . But, the unpleasant reality of this shift from to westernized life is a difficult task for those Africans intellectuals. This problem results from the political and economic forms brought by the white colonizers. If the educated do not react, adjuration comes from those who work in the mines 


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