A natural resources its economy relied on.

A total of War doesn’t always mean going to war with another country but sometimes two oppositions can cause an internal war in a country. Power vacuum is when the leading government falls and there’s no one to replace them. WWII had the most human casualties ever on human life span.” I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” (Albert Einstein). Imagine how much technology advanced, The damage WWIII could be unimaginable. Compromising and negotiation should always be the first option. No one wants civilian casualties but  everyone wants to be better so they cheat to be the best.

Like Africa it still didn’t recover from imperialism cause of the loss of natural resources its economy relied on. How africa was divided up was so bad that it’s one of the main reasons why african governments aren’t functioning well. They made people with different languages and cultures the same country. You can’t look at today’s problem but the domino’s effect and the results for tomorrow is how long a country will survive. Generations suffer from the choices of the past governing state so the choices they made won’t affect today but tomorrow. If The economy, infrastructure and government breaks  the effects will be lasting and the country will rely on other countries to get back on its own feet. The predicted populations growths will decline.

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The kids are the future of the government if they don’t get education than what would you expect when they grow up. The collapse of the government also means the collapse of the economy with no economy inflation will skyrocket and money will lose value. The lack of opportunity and Unemployment will increase making homelessness more likely to increase. Bombing the environment can cause hazardous chemicals being released causing climate change even though it’s a huge topic it’s not receiving enough coverage. Religious conflicts is one of the main reason why there’s so many hate crimes. This topic is interesting to me because it covers many topics my classmates are researching about and i get to learn about my topic and theirs without asking them.

But like always we can learn about history but we always repeat it.


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