A without restrictions or limitation. This can be

A = The
terms separation (also known as exclusion) segregation, integration, and
inclusion all have different meanings. Separation simply implies children being
denied access to a learning environment and education, such as entering school with
specific requirements. Segregation implies of separating children with
disabilities apart from the environment from the “typical” children. An example
could be set off as “typical” children learning in a normal classroom
environment compared to children with disabilities referred to special-ed
classes formed just for their individualized education. Integration implies grouping
children together but not supporting each individual’s needs to the fullest. An
example could be set of children with disabilities spending their time with
typical children but part of their day is still spent in special-ed (i.e., segregated
environments) Inclusion on the other hand accommodates all of the children’s
needs (regardless of abilities and disabilities) together without restrictions
or limitation. This can be implied towards a classroom where all children can
learn and be embraced as a whole.

P = In a more abstract definition, separation also
known as exclusion is, “.. when a child(ren) are directly or indirectly
prevented from or denied access to education in any form. Segregation is “.. when
the education of children with special needs is provided in separate environments
in isolation from children without special needs. “Integration is a process of
placing children in existing mainstreaming educational institutions.” And, “inclusion
is a process that: embodies changes, modifies content, teaching methods,
approaches, structures and strategies, overcomes barriers, wants children to be
with other children in similar age range” and, “provides an environment that
best responds to the needs of the child.” (McCaie, 2018)

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