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A wedding ceremony isorganized by its decoration, its services and hospitality of guests. A weddingceremony is considered remarkable when couples truly enjoy the magicalmemorable moments of their wedding day and along with them the most importantis the satisfaction and contentment level of the guests that are becoming thepart of the wedding ceremony.

The main important responsibility of the weddingfamily is to host the wedding and to take care of the hospitality services.Behind the scene allowsyou to cherish and rejoice the memorable magical wedding moments with yourfamily and friends and laying down all the responsibilities of the hospitalityof your guests on our company. We promise that your guests will enjoy thewedding ceremonial functions to their fullest and they will leave at the end ofthe day by praising you for your wedding events. Hospitality of guestsshould be taken care of and is regarded as the major sign of respect. You willbe praised and embraced if you welcome and treat your guests in a well manneredway.

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If you are planning adestination wedding in Goa then you should also plan something for your guestsso that they can also enjoy their best time by doing all the activities and enjoyingthe place of your destination wedding. So here are some tipsby behind the scene that will help your guests to enjoy the best of their timewhile you are weaving dreams of your magical wedding day.Some tips for yourguest that will make them enjoy your gala wedding are-AFishing TripGoa is famous for itsbeaches and scenic beauty. Seafood is the best part found in Goa.

Specialarrangements should be made for trying and experiencing the seafood all aroundGoa. You can book a trip for your guests – send them out on a boat to spend theafternoon with some bait. There is nothing more relaxing than a lazy afternoonon the river. And it’s even better when your guests can head back to shore andenjoy the sea food in Goa style.

FleaMarkets & ShoppingThere is the Wednesdaymarket in Anjuna, which has a whole lot of interesting buys for tourists. Wealso recommend Saturday night markets. Weekend markets are special in thestreets of Goa.

Make some arrangements for your guest so that they can headthere for some fun entertainment, great food and some really fun shopping.Browse through for Indian handicrafts from all over India as well as quirkyhandmade products from tourists who are immigrants in Goa. Goa’sCooking ClassMost hotels and evensome local Goa’s homes offer cooking classes, which can be fun for your guests.

Classes generally offer you a welcome drink, all recipes and ingredients and ameal to enjoy at the end of the session. Your guests will head back home afterlearning to whip up some traditional fare of Goa.RelaxGoa is known for itsbeaches. Some beaches are extremely beautifuland untouched. Ensure your guests enjoysome spa time when in Goa. Most hotels have fully equipped spas; some of thesmaller hotels even have Ayurvedic spas which are a good idea for guests.Enjoy Goa the local wayThereis a whole lot of places for your guests to enjoy in Goa. They are thebeautiful Churches, the beaches, the fort, Old Goa, the plantations, theelephant farm, the waterfalls, dolphin watching and so much more! The nightlifeof Goa is very famous as there are a whole lot of bars and clubs.

Makearrangements for your guests so that they can go there and explore and enjoythe lifestyle of Goa.Alsowe plan some activities so that your guests do not feel bored and enjoy andmeet each other to rejoice the good time in your destination.Theseactivities are-A welcome cocktail reception Thatfirst night that your guests arrive is the ideal time to introduce everyone andset the tone for the rest of their stay. A simple beach party or gathering by the pool can be organizedso that they enjoy each other’s company.A wine tasting and pairing dinnerGoodwine and food are always easy conversation starters.

Many resorts will host asemi-private dinner in one of their restaurants for you and your guests.SnorkelingIf yourtheme is destination is beach wedding then Snorkeling is a great group activityhat will easily impress your guests. Snorkeling is a memorable way for gueststo bond and make the most of your tropical destination.  A sunset yacht cruiseAyacht cruise at sunset is not only a great way to get guests mingling, dancingand enjoying one another, but it’s also the perfect setting for a group photo.

A spa/golf dayAsplit spa/golf day helps guests unwind and socialize on a more intimate level.Smaller groups can be made based on interest so that all the guests can enjoytheir best time.Tequila TastingNothinggets tongues wagging faster than tasty tequila tasting at your wedding resort.An adventurous excursionScheduleat least one exciting group excursion outside of the resort. It also createsinstant memories, and perhaps even a few hilarious stories.

Wish lantern releaseTo bida goodbye at destination wedding festivities and bid your vacation and guests awish lantern release is a perfect idea. These biodegradable lights are visually arresting andthe perfect sendoff to end your celebration. Whether your guests make a weddingwish in your honor or just send the lanterns off, it’s a moment you’ll cherishfor years to come.Behind the scene is thebest destination wedding planner. The most preferred destinations are Udaipurand Goa. We care for your wedding day and the hospitality of your guests aswell. From organizing events to taking care of the departure of your guests weare with you.

So experience your wedding in a different themed based manner andcreate a lifelong unforgettable experience.


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