“A should embrace the no-guarantees principles, even if

“A great building must begin with the
immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and
in the end, must be unmeasured” – Louis Kahn (1901-1974). On concluding the
literature discussed in the above chapters, there are some general considerations
for architects and designers of workplaces.

There are no guarantees

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No space design can ever guarantee that a
single creative thought will be thought or a single innovation will be created
within it. Designers should embrace the no-guarantees principles, even if
subconsciously, and so established a combination workshop, studio, and stage
precisely to establish a certain form of space under which creative and
innovative thinking could be fostered.

Comfort is key

Every one of the six dimensions of wellbeing
described earlier is related to comfort, mentally and physically. Much more
than through ergonomic design of a chair, for instance our human comfort is
established by the degree to which we feel optimism, mindful, authenticity,
belonging, meaning, and vitality. The spaces in which we work should establish
the mindset of comfort and wellbeing with how they look and how they function.
As said, physical comfort matters which means not only right and adaptive
furniture but also good air, good light and good acoustics.

Space can unleash good

Communication cannot even begin unless we
are aware of others with whom we might communicate, so design space that
encourages awareness of everyone else who is also working at the same company.
Likewise, with collaboration we need to be aware of our potential collaborators
and with we need a space to communicate and collaborate. Conversely,
concentration requires its own space somewhere like hidden cages where we can
hide and work with 100 percent attention. And about rejuvenation whether for
individual, restful kind or the group, playful kind – to unfold within our work
environment rather than requiring employees go somewhere else to rejuvenate.

Flexibility is necessary

A very broad view of ‘flexibility’ is best,
one that encompasses the notion of ‘variability’. It is not only about ensuring
that a given room can be reconfigured, which can be accomplished with
furniture, rolling walls and adaptive furniture and settings around, but also
considering every room to have whatever purposes its users decide at a given
moment. A café is also a meeting space, a foyer is also a collaboration area or
a concentrated work can be done in a rejuvenated zone.

Space connected with nature is
the best

The studies done is enough to state that
humans function best in built environments that draw strongly from the natural
world. The natural world is our true world; everything else is largely
artificial. Merging the boundaries between outside and inside within a
considerable reason, establishes a truer world inside where we work. It can be
done with materials, textures, greenery, natural lights with how things look
and feel, both being extremely important.

Taking into account these considerations
could be a very good starting point for architects and designers to create,
build or design a physical environment that helps foster creative and
innovative thinking at workplaces.


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