A Scandal in Bohemia was written by Sir Arthur Con

an Doyle. It wasfirst
published in 1891. It is a fiction short story that about a detective
Sherlock Holmes
who helps the King of Bohemia solve problem. The King of Bohemia was being
blackmail by a women he loved, and Holmes’ help was needed.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1859. He
to Edinburgh University after nine years in Jesuit schools. He received
degree in
medicine in 1881. He became an eye specialist in Southsea with a lack of

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He wrote his first story, A study in Scarlet, hoping to augment his income.

detective, Sherlock Holmes, was modeled in part after Dr. Joseph Bell of
Edinburgh Infirmary. He was a man with spectacular powers of observation,
analysis, and inference. Conan Doyle may have been influenced by his
for the neat plots of Gaboriau and for Poe’s detective, M. Dupin. The story
sold to a British publisher for 25 pounds after several rejections. That is
how the
World’s best-known and most-loved fictional detective was born. He was a
medical failure in London. He published A Scandal in Bohemia in the strand
magazine in 1891 in order to pay his bills. Sherlock Holmes was killed by
author in one story. Doyle was forced by popular demand to resurrect
Holmes. He
wrote about fifty-nine Sherlock Holmes adventures. Sir Arthur became an
Spiritualist after the death of his son Kingsley in World War I. Sir Arthur
Doyle died in Sussex in 1930.

The story takes place in 1888 in London, England. Sherlock Holmes’
is located on the Baker street. the story starts with the night-time. Dr.

Watson went
to see Holmes that night. Doctors had tools like stethoscope. It was a time
Royal man had to marry someone of royal blood. Briony Lodge has a garden at
back and is build in front to the road. It has two stories. It has large
with long windows.

One night Dr. Watson passed by Holmes’ house on Baker street and
to stop in. They greeted each-other. Holmes did not know that Dr. Watson
returned to practicing medicine until he saw Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson was
amazed by Holmes’ observation. Holmes said that he sees the same things
does, but he does not come up with the same conclusion. Sherlock told
that he is about to have a interesting visitor and Watson may stay and hear
Holmes’ next case. Watson stayed there.

A few moments later a richly dressed man, wearing a mask entered the
room. He was nervous. He was the King of Bohemia who needed Holmes’ help.

The king of Bohemia was in a bad situations. He was being black mailed by a
woman who used to be a close friend. Her name is Irene Adler. She thought
king would marry her but she was a singer that is why king did not want to
that girl. The king was about to marry the daughter of the King of

The singer warned the king that if he announced the engagement, she will
give the
newspaper a picture of them together. It would create a scandal. the king
the picture back. The king gave Holmes three days to do something. Holmes
Watson to come back next day at three o’ clock.

Watson was waiting for Holmes the next day. Holmes looked like old
drunken Workman when he arrived. He told Watson that Miss Adler married a
lawyer named Godfrey Norton at the Church of St. Monica. Holmes was
that pictures were in Adler’s house. They organized a plan to get the

Irene Adler was surrounded by beggars that Holmes had hired. Holmes
arrived and sent the men on their way. He went inside Irene’s house. Dr.

threw a smoke bomb. Irene rushed to a secret panel in the wall to save the

Holmes followed her and told her that there was no danger. The next day
Dr. Watson and king arrived at Irene’s house. They found a letter insteated
pictures in the secret panel. Irene wrote in the letter that she knew that
it was
Holmes after the fire. The king did not have to fear from her. Now a great
was over.

Sherlock Holmes is a detective. He has spectacular powers of
analysis, and inference. He was deeply attracted by the study of crime. He
King of Bohemia to solve a problem. He exactly dressed like a priest and an
man to help the king. His house is located on the Baker street in London.

rooms were lit.

Dr. Watson is a friend of Sherlock Holmes. He helps Holmes to solve
cases. He has returned to medicine pratice. His marriage had drifted them
from each other. He knew Holmes’ every mood and habit. He is always amazed
Holmes’ observation.

The King of Bohemia was less than six feet six inches in height. He
has a
healthy body. He was richly dressed. He had a deep harsh voice and a
marked German accent. He was going to marry the daughter of the king of
Scandianavia. He was being blackmailed by his close girl friend.

Irene Adler lives in London. She was a beautiful and a charming

She used to be a close friend of the King of Bohemia. She thought the king
marry her but the king wanted to marry someone of royal blood. She
threatened to
blackmail the king.

A Scandal in Bohemia is originally written in the British dialect. It
many British idioms.

The author proved that the women in the late 1800s had extraordinary
powers of observation as men did.

A Scandal in Bohemia is an entertaining story. Sherlock Holmes could
solve any types of problem. He could solve cases abandoned as hopeless by
official police.


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