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A way that Sainsbury’s can monitor customers is by going through customer profiles. They use information on customer characteristics to build a profile which includes their age and gender. Monitoring and evaluating helps you see longer-term trends and find better solution of how to improve process. By monitoring and evaluating customer service a business can find out customer’s needs and expectations which make them happy and also if a supermarket like Sainsbury’s knows what customers want from them then they can provide the type of customer service the customers are looking for. Sainsbury’s have also included surveys and questionnaires as part of primary research. Another way that Sainsbury’s have conducted primary market research is by the use of their nectar loyalty card system. Businesses can get sources of information from colleagues or staff about recent customer experiences. One way of getting customer feedback is the use of questionnaires using emails or even posting it to addresses. Communication within Sainsbury’s has to be rapid and clear. If customers make complaints Sainsbury’s need to reply to these quick so that customers do not feel as though Sainsbury’s don’t care. Sainsbury’s have got telephone, letter and email systems in place so that customers can contact Sainsbury’s if they have a question or complaint. It is important for businesses to obtain as much feedback as possible from customers.
Customer service can be evaluated using mystery shoppers. This is an effective way to improve customer service because it creates a situation that could occur. Mystery shoppers could create the most critical situation, which could help test the customer service, and also to see how this situation could be dealt with to satisfy the customer. Evaluating and monitoring will help the organisation in many different ways.
If Sainsbury’s can understand how efficient or bad their customer service then they can make adjustments where it’s needed. Since they are in such a competitive market they must monitor regularly and act fast on anything that needs improving. An example of this is dropping numbers of customer complaints. Dropping numbers of customer complaints can increase customer satisfaction and increases Sainsbury’s reputation. This will help them attract more customers and will eventually lead to more sales and profits for Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s also randomly call and check in on customers who have had problems either with Sainsbury’s refund process or returns with goods that are damaged. This is useful because it give the business a chance to find out what they need to improve on in the future.


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